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Concepts and modes of expression in human imagination, values, and emotions - Essay Example

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Concepts and Modes of Expression in Human Imagination, Values, and Emotions Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Concepts and Modes of Expression in Human Imagination, Values, and Emotions Introduction Art provides a route of articulating one’s feelings or ideas…
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Concepts and modes of expression in human imagination, values, and emotions
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Download file to see previous pages Notably, different periods of the art may appear dissimilar under general view; however, critical examination of the correspondent periods presents some degrees of relationships. Indeed, new styles tend to emerge from subsequent ones mainly as critics or advancements. Therefore, this paper compares the Dadaism and Surrealism periods with the central aim of identifying their correlations. Dadaism style appeared at an earlier date than Surrealism. Dadaism initiated at Switzerland and became popular in the period 1919-1922. The style mainly entailed visual art, poetry and graphics. Historically, the emergence of the movement is associated with periods of Word War I. The society had witnessed the wrath of exploitive leaders during the period hence was searching for a tactical way of communicating their concerns (Elger & Grosenick, 2006). Therefore, the movement’s prime aim was to critic the brutality of the war. Additionally, Dadaists focused on challenging an idea of exploitive scholar rigidity presented in the earlier Art-works. The movement hence participated actively in purposeful irrationality and dismissal of the customary values of the art. The society had considered some virtues meaningless hence; the movement contradicted the idea using tactical artistic skills (Elger & Grosenick, 2006). Their settings embraced public gatherings and social backgrounds and emphasized on political issues. Consequently, the scheme developed artistic pieces that presented sensitive concealed messages. Surrealism movements started at France and peaked in the period 1924-40. Apparently, this was a considerable time after the era of the Dadaism. Surrealism presented a concept of unorganized pattern in art (Levy, 1997). The style was inspired by psychoanalytical ideologies hence artists thought of engaging imaginary and illusion world in developing Art pieces. Indeed, the style exploits involuntary mind in developing Art without a precise intention of creating logical clarity (Levy, 1997). Initially, the Surrealist declined asserting visual work since they considered procedures of painting and sculpting to be obscene and unnecessary. As such, these practices failed to promote spontaneity, a central trait of the style. Relationship between the historical Art periods The historical periods associated with the Dadaism and Surrealism can provide us with crucial information about the Art. As indicated, Dadaism was characterized with planned expressions that scorned unacceptable attributes in the society. This developed a notion were Art was viewed as a political tool hence lost its entertainment taste. This diversion challenged the Art hence there was the need of redesigning the field (Levy, 1997). Surrealists considered developing a style that could introduce unrestricted creativity. Surrealist concurred with the Dadaism ideologies of criticizing exploitative governance; however, they observed that Art should develop works that can give the society peace of mind instead of concentrating on bad memories. Therefore, surrealism was a celebratory style that was somewhat to relive the pressures in the society. Exploitations were apparent as Dadaism advocated; however, people needed not remain in such situation hence a change was necessary (Levy, 1997). Additionally, in daily endeavors people encounter with challenges that occasionally demands a relaxed mind. Surrealist observed that driving people to an imaginary world could effectively provide people with suitable relaxed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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