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An analysis of Art & Architecture Abstract Artists and architects often create works of art that are very personal to them. Their life experiences and perceptions inspire them. The Chrysler building was designed by architect William Van Allen,who chose motifs relevant to the automobile…
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An Analysis of Art and Architecture
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An analysis of Art & Architecture Artists and architects often create works of art that are very personal to them. Their life experiences and perceptions inspire them. The Chrysler building was designed by architect William Van Allen,who chose motifs relevant to the automobile. The spire is made of stainless steel and there are a band of hubcaps on a section of the spire. The top of the building is pyramid shaped with overlapping arches that give the building a taller appearance. The Chrysler is an example of Art Deco Architecture because of its use of angular, symmetrical geometric forms. Pablo Picasso painted Petit Fleurs in 1958. The painting depicts the outline of two hands holding a bouquet of various colored flowers. Picasso used vibrant colors to convey positive feelings such as feelings of happiness and peace. However the painting may have several interpretations. An analysis of Art and Architecture Artists and architects often create works of art that are very personal to them. They are inspired by their life experiences as well as their perceptions. Their works communicate to others. The messages that they convey mean different things to different people based on interpretation. The design of the Chrysler building, William Van Allen and Picasso’s painting Petite Fleurs conveyed artistic styles that were drastically different but each were based on concepts relevant to the creator. The Chrysler Building is a skyscraper in New York City, located in midtown Manhattan. It stands at 1,046 feet tall and was considered the world’s tallest building until the Empire State Building was completed in 1931. After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 it again was the second-tallest building in New York City until December 2007, when the spire was raised on the 1,200 foot Bank of America tower, pushing the Chrysler Building into third position. (“The Chrysler Building”, n.d.) The exterior design of the Chrysler building is interesting. While the bottom section of the building resembles the design of an ordinary office building seen in any city, the top section of the building seems somewhat pyramid –shaped . The only thing that differentiates it from the smooth lines of a pyramid is its spire as well as the arches on its crown. The spire of the Chrysler building seems to have its own distinctive role in shaping the skyline of New York City. The spire appears to pointing directly upward, resembling a thin pole going straight into the sky. The spire is modeled on a radiator grille. William Van Allen, the architect who designed the Chrysler building selected motifs related to the automobile. There are several overlapping arches on top of the building to make the building appear taller than it actually is. The crown is made of metal and stainless steel. “The distinctive decoration, a pattern of narrow triangles set in semicircles, has been likened to a sunburst, but it might equally recall the spokes of a wheel.”(“The Chrysler Building, 1926–1930”, 2011, p.68 ) The Chrysler Building is an example of Art Deco Architecture. Art Deco is “an elegant style of decorative art, design and architecture which began as a Modernist reaction against the Art Nouveau style.” (“Artists by Movement: Art Deco”, n.d.) Art Deco uses angular, symmetrical geometric forms. It uses various motifs and ornaments.(“Artists by Movement: Art Deco”, n.d) Aside from stainless steel it also uses other materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, lacquer, bakelite, chrome and inlaid wood. Art Deco Architecture also commonly uses stepped forms and geometric curves, chevron patterns, ziggurat-shapes, fountains, as well as the sunburst motif found in the Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building exemplifies Art Deco Architecture in several ways. Eagles align the corners of the sixty-first floor; the corner ornaments on the 31st floor are replicas of the 1929 Chrysler radiator caps. (“The Chrysler Building”, n.d.) The construction of the building is composed of masonry, with a steel frame, and metal cladding. There are over 3,000 windows on its exterior. The spire is modeled on a radiator grille. Art Deco patterns are prevalent throughout the interior of the building. They can be seen on the marble floors and on the elevator doors. The elevator doors are “adorned in brass and marquetry inlays on a wood base with the lotus flower motif.” (“The Chrysler Building 1926-1930”, 2011, p.68) Pablo Picasso was the most popular artists of the twentieth century. He was a sculptor and a painter. He is best known for co-founding the Cubist movement. Picasso was a versatile artist who painted and sculpted in a variety of ways. (“Pablo Picasso Biography”, n.d.) In 1958 Picasso painted Petit Fleurs. In the painting, Picasso “depicts the outline of two hands holding a bouquet of various colored flowers. The painting is on a white background.” (“Pablo Picasso”, n.d., para.10) Petit Fleurs is considered representational art. When viewing the painting most people are likely to view it simply as a representation of two people holding a bunch of colorful flowers. They are not likely to look beyond the literal meaning of the painting. However several of his seemingly simple paintings are also complex at the same time. (“Pablo Picasso,”n.d.) Picasso did this painting in the same year he completed a mural project for the UNESCO building in Paris. Soon after he painted a mural in the chapel at Valorous on the theme of War and Peace. (Kelley) Petit Fleurs seems to show the image of one person handing flowers to another, a peaceful gesture. He may have related the painting to the mural project he was working on. In contrast to Petit Fleurs one of his other most famous paintings Guernica depicts the Nazi’s bombing of the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. “Probably Picasso's most famous work, Guernica is certainly his most powerful political statement….” (“Guernica 1937 by Pablo Picasso”,n.d., para.2) While the painting is done in an abstract style it represents the chaotic and often tragic consequences of war. Guernica conveys a stronger statement that would seem obvious to most people looking at it. Petit Fleurs was likely painted to symbolize what Picasso may have hoped for: a world without violence and fear. However people are likely to interpret the painting in several ways. In Petit Fleurs Picasso used wide brush strokes to paint the centers of the flowers vibrant colors including yellow, light blue, red and orange. There are red, blue and purple petals on the flowers. The stems of the flowers are long and painted green. These are commonly seen as “happy colors” Petit Fleurs was obviously a direct contrast to Guernica in which Picasso used dark dreary colors. Depending on their opinions of the painting and what it may mean to them people will have their own interpretations of Petit Fleurs. They may see this painting as a depiction of a positive and/or loving gesture. People are generally happy to receive flowers and the colors in the painting convey feelings of beauty and happiness. Some people may feel that this painting conveys a romantic gesture: a man giving flowers to a woman he is developing strong feelings for. A new romance and falling in love promotes feelings of happiness, excitement and euphoria and the bright colors in the painting are likely to represent these feelings. Others may see the painting as an indication of a gesture of friendship: Two people becoming friends. Other people may feel that the painting shows a person giving a parent , grandparent or other relative flowers as an act of love. Petit Fleurs appears to symbolize peace and togetherness. It can represent any positive partnership: a friendship, a partnership between lovers and spouses or a partnership between family members. In conclusion works of art and architecture often reflects themes that are relevant to them at the time. As time passes people may develop their own interpretations of their creations. The designer of the Chrysler building and the painter of Petit Fleurs were inspired by their perceptions of their environment and what appealed most to them. References Kelley, T. (2009). Who was Pablo Picasso?. New York , NY: Penguin Group Inc. (2011). The Chrysler Building 1926-1930. Picturing America , . retrieved May 24, 2012, from The Chrysler Building . (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved May 24, 2012, from Artists by Movement: Art Deco. (n.d) retrieved May 24, 2012, from Artcyclopedia Web Site: Guernica, 1937 by Pablo Picasso . (n.d) retrieved May 23, 2012, from Pablo Picasso His artworks, quotes and biography Web Site: Pablo Picasso. (n.d) retrieved May 24, 2012, from Paralumun New Age Village Web Site: Pablo Picasso Biography. (n.d) retrieved May 23, 2012, from Pablo Picasso His artwork, quotes and biography Web Site: Read More
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