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Evaluation of Acceptance of Violence in Mel Gibson's Films - Essay Example

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This essay aims to present an evaluation of acceptance of violence in Mel Gibson’s films, such as The Passion of the Christ (2004) and Apocalypto (2006). The researcher discusses the awards, that these movies gained as well as the violence and gore, that were shown there. …
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Evaluation of Acceptance of Violence in Mel Gibsons Films
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Download file to see previous pages This only means that the film has a very large following of viewers, but it does not follow that it was generally well liked. Most viewers were dragged into watching it simply because of the controversy that enveloped the film. Firstly, the film is a depiction of the life of Christ but is more centered on the “passion”, or rather the suffering, the Christ endured in anguish. Controversy is already stirred by involving religion, even more so by depicting the anchoring figure of Christianity. Many of the more conservative religious practitioners have expressed their distaste on the film’s very violent and bloody depiction of Christ. A good number of criticisms also cite that Gibson conjured his own version of the real passion of Christ (Hammer & Killer). He depicted Christ as only a mere man, a man’s man, and not as someone in a holy light. This is parallel as to how he has usually treats the protagonist of a story, as previously mentioned in this paper, that the protagonist is depicted only as an ordinary person exalted and achieving hero status because of what the story has availed of him. And expectedly and more so understandably, this falls out of favor with a significant number of Catholics who will not tolerate such a holy and high figure be made to look as lowly as how Gibson portrayed it. Although the whole Christian and Catholic population share this outrage, many others would be easily swayed to give a prejudiced negative review of this film especially if the ones endorsing the distaste comes from authorities and preachers of the church. Thus, the Passion has only fetched a score that would otherwise be higher if not for the religious “offenses” that it has committed. On the other...
The researcher states that through the course of Mel Gibson’s career as a director, he had two films which, at the very least, stood out among the rest because of raw violence and gore, aside from other own controversies of these films. It is important to note however that while both films received relatively high remarks from general film critiques, their level of acceptance to the public has been a drastic difference. This can be attributed to the level of sensitivity of the topic to its viewers and their own experiences and personal beliefs in accepting such films. Through the course of the paper, it will be discussed as to how and why the two films differed and how the other film garnered more awards despite having a smaller rating by the audience. The Passion garnered more awards, even though it has a relatively low rating, because it is a more thought provoking film. It boldly confronts what society is too shy to really look at and accept. It also grants a different perspective on Christ and is approached as how others would see him, even the non-Christians. In conclusion, the subject of the film is a very critical juncture whether it shall be received with good praise or not. It cannot be stressed enough that one cannot please everybody; much more that the review and evaluation of a person regarding films is very relative to each as his own. Personal prejudices such as religious background and moral standards also significantly influence one’s opinion and critique of the matter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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