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The Body of Lies - Essay Example

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In the essay “The Body of Lies” the author focuses on a film about the CIA tracking a terrorist known as Al-Saleem. A paramilitary operation officer named Roger Ferris played by Leonardo De Caprio was the main lead. He was in Iraq with his asset and soon became good friend tracking a lead…
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The Body of Lies
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Extract of sample "The Body of Lies"

Download file to see previous pages According to Hoffman, terrorists are now going back to traditional if not Stone Age technique of communication. Because of this fact, Hoffman has to rely more on Ferris’ operation and human intelligence. Roger Ferris met the head of the Jordanian GID named Hani Salaam and they had an agreement to help each other in finding Al-Saleem. But whatever agreement they have to each other, they are still bound to their responsibilities to their own countries. Hoffman was able to discover an Al-Saleem safe house and immediately contacted Ferris to check and watch the place closely. However, without Ferris’ permission, Hoffman conducted another operation which blew the whole safe house operation and ended up with Ferris bitten by dogs. It was this time when he met Aisha whom he eventually developed romantic interest. Another bombing was reported in Amsterdam which killed 75 people at the least. One of the men in the Al-Saleem safe house was recognized by Hani as Karami and compelled him to become their asset in the Al Qaeda terrorist using his mother as Hani’s assurance for his cooperation. Hoffman wanted Karami to be interrogated by the CIA but Hani refuses to hand him over. Without the consent of both Hani and Ferris, Hoffman contacted Ferris’ new subordinate and instructed him to bring him Karami. Because of this, the safe house was blown and Ferris was blamed by Hani and instructed to leave Jordan. Hoffman and Ferris eventually thought that the only way to track Al-Saleem is to create another terrorist group that will threaten Al-Saleem’s ego and power. They planned and staged an attack and used a Jordanian architect named Omar Sadiki as the terrorist cell leader. But Ferris’ plan was made known to Al-Saleem when Sadiki was caught by his man and tortured. After which, Aisha was then kidnapped and while Ferris tried to recover her, he fell into the hands of Al-Saleem just across the border in Syria. He was interrogated and when he was about to be killed, Hani came to a rescue and Al-Saleem was arrested by the group. Hani admitted to Ferris that it was them who kidnapped Aisha to have a deal with Al-Saleem in exchange of Ferris. The movie ended with Ferris quitting the CIA and chose to stay in Jordan while leaving the audience the thought if he was going to reconcile with Aisha. The movie was not really about the politics or war but instead, the Body of Lies involved double-crosses and did not really have anything to say about the War on Terror. But this movie about Iraq war is something that offers good thriller standards. The movie offered moments of suspense but it offers more on how Ferris communicated with people and tries to gain information on the sought after terrorist Al-Saleem. In Markert’s (2011) book, the film Body of Lies belongs to the fictional features belatedly appear. According to Markert (2011), the films from 2001 to 2010 were mostly documentaries and films depicting villains such as Osama Bin Laden and revolving on the World Trade Center bombing. Several fictional films involving wars on Iraq and Afghanistan were made such as this film. However, this film did not involve Bin Laden or Hussein who were the favourite villains in the post-9/11 films.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Body of Lies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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