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Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Essay Example

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Name Class Professor Date Elizabeth: The Golden Age 1- Compare and contrast the theme and the visual style of the film.  Thesis: The theme of the movie Elizabeth the Golden Age revolves around royalty and power struggle between catholic Spain ruled by King Philip II and Elizabeth’s Protestant England…
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Elizabeth: The Golden Age
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Download file to see previous pages To stress the predicament of royalty of how to keep her throne, Elizabeth was presented with various dilemmas such as the necessity of beheading her sister who conspired against her that highlighted the theme of power struggle. This theme was also made prominent with Elizabeth’s struggle to secure the throne by undergoing through the process of selecting a prospective husband to have an heir to the throne. While Elizabeth was attracted more to Walter Raleigh who was a non-royal, she ended up without a husband to become the mother of all England. The sacrifice was the thematic symbol of how important it was to keep power and that a Queen had to sacrifice her personal happiness so that she can have a focused reign over England that precipitated England’s Golden Age. The royalty and the power struggle of the protagonists in the film was properly rendered in the visual style of the film (sometimes it was overdone such as Elizabeth’s costume during her battle speech) where the actors were clod in grand clothing in buildings with magnificent architecture speaking lofty and assertive languages that were characteristic of people of power and nobility. Even without the dialogues and relying solely on the visual style of the film, the audience can already tell that the film is about Elizabeth during 15th century. 2- Analyze the mise-en-scene and explain how it supports the film's theme. Thesis: The mise-en-scene or the way the scenes in the film Elizabeth the Golden Age depicts royalty to provide audience a “feel” of the English nobility in the 15th century.  Mise-en-scene is a French term that was originally used in theaters which meant “put in the scene”. In films such as Elizabeth the Golden Age, it is the composition of the scenes that includes almost everything in it that ranges from the movement of the characters along with the camera, its framing, set design and everything about the visual component of the film. The Mise-en-scene of the film Elizabeth is obviously royal, medieval and grand. The prominence of garb and language of the priests also tells their deep involvement and the clash of religion which has been the root of the conflict in the film. The court and the hallways where the films were shot obviously tell that the scene is in England and the characters involved were royalty. Visually, the Mise-en-scene provided the audience of Elizabeth the Gol ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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