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If time travel were possible, to what time period and place in history would you return to live Give reasons for your decision to live in this period and locat - Essay Example

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If time travel were possible, I would return to live in the Elizabethan Era in England; this era was from 1558 to 1603. This era is the known as the golden era in England's History. During this period, new ideas came up and people developed a new way of thinking…
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If time travel were possible, to what time period and place in history would you return to live Give reasons for your decision to live in this period and locat
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Extract of sample "If time travel were possible, to what time period and place in history would you return to live Give reasons for your decision to live in this period and locat"

Time Travel If time travel were possible, to what time period and place in history would you return to live Give reasons for your decision to live in this period and location.
If time travel were possible, I would return to live in the Elizabethan Era in England; this era was from 1558 to 1603. This era is the known as the golden era in England's History. During this period, new ideas came up and people developed a new way of thinking. People of this time were interested in the sciences and wanted to learn more, this was the age of Renaissance.
The printing press was introduced during this period and it was one of the greatest tools which helped in increasing the knowledge of people. During this time theatre, poetry and literature was greatly appreciated. It is during this time that one of the world's greatest writers originated, William Shakespeare. It was not only an era of romance but also one of reality. The poor of the country were treated well and their well being was thought of. Even though peace was not absolute but it was general.
When Queen Elizabeth inherited the throne, the country was bankrupt. It was her policies that restored some of the huge debts that the country was under and increased prosperity. In terms of economic development, the first stock exchange was developed during this period by Sir Thomas Gresham. Before this period, witches were prosecuted and torture was common for all types of crimes. Once Elizabeth came to power, such events became rare, although they did take place but not on such a scale to be noticed.
There was much research in science and technology. Most of these achievements were in the field of navigation. There were many small and insignificant inventions as well. Bottled beer, one of the things we take for granted was invented during this era in 1568. Among other things were the flush toilet, knitting machine, telescope, pencil and pocket watch. The first time the English tried to settle in North America was during this era.
Women were brought up to believe that they were inferior to men and that their job was to obey the men in their household. Even though many women during this era never married or married many times and gained power. Some of these famous Elizabethan women were lady in waiting for the Queen or Maid of Honor to the Queen.
During this era, there was the Age of Exploration. The curiosity of many men led them to discover facts and truths about the world on their voyages. These explorers wanted opportunities to acquire fame, wealth and power. One of the motives was commerce, to discover new lands and take back things that could be of use such as Eastern Spices. (Elizabethan-Era)
In the Elizabethan era, there was everything from science to romance. It is the time period we all dream about. There was progress and hope. People worked in the morning and in the evenings they enjoyed lavish and extravagant dinners and balls. During this era fashion was at its height and women enjoyed staying at home and socializing all day long. People enjoyed sports and they were not tied up in their daily routine like we are today. There were not many things that were stressing the people of this era.
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