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Comparison of Marco Polo and Mandeville's Travels - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Comparison of Marco Polo and Mandeville's Travels" describes travel accounts which have influenced the historical development at different times. The author outlines the similarities between Polo and Mandeville’s travels and also the main differences, creating a comparison of their narratives. 
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Extract of sample "Comparison of Marco Polo and Mandeville's Travels"

Download file to see previous pages For example, Christopher Columbus used Marco Polo’s account as a guide when venturing into the Asian markets centuries ago. Other travelers such as the Hungarian-British archeologists Sir Aurel Stein used Marco Polo’s travel account to find clues leading to archeological remains and sites along the Asian roads that transported silk. In several travel accounts recorded in history, they do not necessarily mean that their bodies were physically removed from one location to another (Speake 394). However, these travel accounts required historians to embark on different historical perspectives. In addition, these travel accounts were extremely helpful to not only travelers and historians, but students who want to learn about the unusual insights of the societies which these accounts reflect. While the travel accounts reflect on individual thinking, it is still possible to make a comparison between two different travel accounts because they are both similar and different in various ways.
Polo’s narrative and Mandeville’s narrative both present positive views about the East, particularly China. For example, Polo says that the European attitude towards the East should now be different from the attitude that people had many years ago when they did not know a lot about the East (p. 5). Another example that shows how he depicts the East is when he gives his viewers a map of the East, in an effort to make the East more understandable in terms of its culture and geographic location. In addition, he also mentions the riches in China and how people like trading. Polo describes the East in a positive manner to the point that it is more desirable as compared to Europe. This is a similar behavior noted from Mandeville’s narrative, where he describes how he was astonished by the presence of foreign cultures (Mandeville 12). He continues to explore more of the Eastern culture to satisfy the reader’s urge to learn more about the East. For example, Mandeville is extremely positive about the East to the point he seems more concerned with teaching his readers about the goodness existing in the East and what the West could borrow from the East in regard to culture, values and religious beliefs. He provides a reference to the social organization existing in the East, with the aim of learning through self-reflection, how to improve the West. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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