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English Literature and History Learning journal. Subjects of Queen Elizabeth - Essay Example

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Being the third successor to the throne, the chances of her ascending the throne was quite uncertain. The Queen even faced severe violence in the early phases of her…
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English Literature and History Learning journal. Subjects of Queen Elizabeth
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Extract of sample "English Literature and History Learning journal. Subjects of Queen Elizabeth"

Download file to see previous pages Her 45 year rule is considered as the ‘golden era’ of England (Crown, 2009). The Queen was proficient and had the huge political foresight. Her selfless attitude towards her kingdom is depicted through her decision of not getting married. As getting married to a foreign king would make England vulnerable to the foreign policies and would easily be drawn into the political turmoil. The Elizabethan era was the one of the most promising period of England’s history. The phase was noted to be filled with both knowledge and prosperity of the kingdom. The Queen was one of the best rulers of her times and reflected huge amount of care for subjects. Even though she was not very widely accepted by her subjects who considered her a protestant, the kindness that Elizabeth I portrayed for her subjects during her reign of almost a half century was irreplaceable and commendable. Furthermore, Elizabeth I handled the situation of financial turmoil and religious conflicts that her predecessor has left very tactfully (Stump & Felch, 2009). With this concern the essay presents the rich understanding on the historical portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I. Furthermore, the essay provides considerable insights about different aspects of the society during her reign.
Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most knowledgeable and sound queens among her siblings. The Queen was fluent in six languages and had a huge urge of learning. Elizabeth I faced massive uncertain situations during the early years of her life. She was secluded from her family and had spent her life in her half brothers home. This seclusion from the normal life could not make her distressed and she devoted her initial years of life and adulthood in nurturing the different literatures (Guy, 1995). These initial years of upbringing has influenced her ruling periods to a greater extent. The initial phase of her life and during her adolescence, the Queen portrayed a selfless character and hugely depicted her ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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