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Fine Arts Lesson 7 Assignments: Renaissance - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Fine Arts Lesson # 7 Assignments INTRODUCTION Renaissance is the period in Europe during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries when people became interested in the ideas and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome and used these influences in their own art and literature…
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Fine Arts Lesson 7 Assignments: Renaissance
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Download file to see previous pages The role of women as seen in the eyes of majority of the men during this time was to be primarily bearers of children, take care of them, and be good wives and to be subordinate inferiors of men. They were not welcomed in the male dominated professions. With time renaissance humanism opened up and a few women transcended gender role expectations. History has record of women who emerged during the renaissance period and it is said that despite the lack of gender equality during this time zone their work was magnificent. These renaissance women include: LevinaTeerlinc (1510-1576), Catharina van Hemessen (1527-1576), SofonisbaAnguissola (1531-1626), Lucia Anguissola (1540-1565), Diana ScultoriGhisi (1547-1612), Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614), Barbara Longhi (1552-1638), EstherInglis (1571-1624) Properzia de Rossi (1490-1530). It is seen that these women artists of the time tended, in regards to their male counterparts, focused on portraits of still life paintings, individuals and religious themes. We are going to look at one woman in particular from the renaissance women and this is Anguissola. 1. Reflection Assignment: Women Artists during the Renaissance Sofonisba Anguissola was the most successful of these minor female aristocrats. She benefited from humanist education and later on was privileged to gain recognition as a painter. She was born in the year 1528 at a place known as Cremona. It should be noted that Anguissola’s father was not an artist since female artists who came up during the renaissance were mostly taught by their fathers who were in turn painters. Sofonisba was the oldest of seven children in an aristocratic family and she was an apprentice of Bernardino Gatti. At the age of twenty two Sofonisba went to Rome to undertake more studies on top of the four formal years she had undergone before she came to Rome. While at Rome she met the famous Michelangelo who became her mentor. The last two decades of her life were spent in the Spanish court of Philip1 painting. The fact that Sofonisba’s father encouraged and ensured that she got education in the fine arts was an advantage that enabled her to succeed within this structured society because it is clear she had the support of her family behind her. Another aspect that enabled her to succeed was that her father consulted Michelangelo about her talent in 1557 who in turn commended her and went an extra mile and gave one of her sketches to a friend of his as a gift. This shows that her painting was good and by her painting being given out was meant to gain her exposure. The fact that she studied under BernadinoCampi together with her sibling Elena was an added advantage. She later became the apprentice to Bernadino Gatti, this shows she had exposure hence enhancing her artistic abilities to another level. The specialization of Anguissola was portraits but she also painted objects of religious matter. The subjects of her paintings were often unique since a large number of her paintings and that is portraits to be particular had several figures. They were also unique in the sense that the expressions in the figures portrayed emotions were detailed and thoughtful. A good example of a paint that portrayed these features is “The sisters of the artist and their governess”, this painting entails her siblings having a little fun by playing chess while their governess looked on. The subjects of her paintings all have expressive eyes which results to them giving the painting depth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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