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Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands - Essay Example

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Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands Copping With Stress The needs to meet personal academic expectation and those of my guardian have made schooling increasingly stressing. Coupled with increased expectations from my tutors, schoolwork is becoming difficult day by day…
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Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands
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"Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the school program is not friendly for the student. For instance the school schedule lacks breaks in-between lessons. Although I am almost getting used to the school program, home duties are also becoming increasingly stressing. In addition, the lecturers give us insufficient time to complete the assignments. This denies us time to research and analyze the questions appropriately. The entire school program also contributes to the stress that we face as college students. The school management created the school’s program without considering the interests of the student. For instance, the distribution of lessons is not student friendly. It stresses me to have two consecutive lessons without a break in-between the lessons. The lecturers do not consider that we have been from another class and hence we need to relax before going to the next class. The school curriculum is also a major cause of stress and needs to be restructured. The current curriculum does not incorporate modern student’s needs hence contributing to stress. For instance, students in modern age prefer short-term goals and objectives while the curriculum is characterized by long-term goals and objectives. Despite the presence of stress in my academic life, I am determined to achieve my objectives of academic excellence. This requires that I should have effective strategies of dealing with stress resulting from my school life. The first strategy that I consider effective, is acknowledging the problem. This acceptance induces my abilities to search for an appropriate solution to the problem. After accepting and identifying the problems, I am in an excellent position to find the solution to the problem. Secondly, I rank the three problems according to their needs of urgency and long-term implication. For instance assignments are first while school curriculum problems lies in the bottom of the list. Thirdly, I require developing a positive attitude that I can solve the problems successfully. Having a positive attitude towards the problem enables me to tackle a problem successfully. To eliminate the problems associated with assignments, I first consider them beneficial to my studies and course. In addition, I consider the unbalanced schedule as a motivation to work hard. The final approach to the problem is applying the actual solution to the problem. This involves a systematic application of solution strategies to the problems. I cope with stress resulting from assignment by completing them in time. Sharing my solutions with other students also acts as part of the solution. Weekly Schedule My week starts on a Monday morning at 6 AM. After doing my routine bathing and dressing, I peruse through my course books to familiarize with the previous work. Identifying and devising solutions for different causes of stress enables me to accomplish my weekly program. This also gives me a chance to establish if there is any urgent assignments, pending or unsolved problems. I then write my days schedule in my diary according to available tasks and time. I also look at the school timetable to ensure that it is in line with my day’s schedule. After taking my breakfast, I go to the bus stop where our school bus waits for the students. We usually spend the first few moments sharing our experiences for the weekend. After getting into the school compound I spend the remaining time talking with my friends concerning the lessons and the overall school life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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