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Pulp Fiction film Analysis - Essay Example

However, it is in the very structuring of the story and the placement of various elements to establish a world on film that both entertains and challenges that his films gain their power. Pulp Fiction, through its narrative, dialogue, sound, and editing comes to represent something that one might not have thought possible, a violent film about nonviolence. In this brief paper, each of these elements will be considered in order to show how Tarantino wields his cinematic tools in order to make a larger social point with a wildly entertaining film. Tarantino’s use of narrative is perhaps the most important element in the film’s success, and it is key to the film’s larger message, which is that, in the end crime and violence don’t pay. The reason this message may be missed upon first viewing is that the end of the film comes near the middle of the story. Through the use of a non-linear narrative, Tarantino skillfully weaves together three different stories so that a number of memorable characters are introduced to each other through their sometimes random, sometimes planned interactions with each other. Characters appear and disappear in each other’s storylines as the case requires, and since the timeline jumps back and forth, the viewer is left at the end to rethink the fates of all the major characters. The narrative is presented in such a way that some characters, such as John Travolta’s Vincent, are alive and well in the segments in which they take center stage, only to be killed or injured

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in other segments in which they play bit roles. As one goes back through the broken up narrative and thinks through what happens to the characters, one concludes that, even though the crime and violence are treated in an entertaining and often funny manner, the fates of the characters are mostly undesirable. Only Vincent’s colleague, Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules, seems to walk away cleanly after he renounces violence and devotes his life to a spiritual quest. Through the use of parody and nonlinear storytelling, Tarantino is able to make this large point by showing the effects of the many characters’ violent acts played out in glorious bloodshed on screen. Tarantino also uses dialogue to great effect in the film. His Biblical passages placed in the mouth of Jules sound commanding and mystical. His tender romance talk between Bruce Willis’ boxer and his lover is both sentimental and believable. His wisecracking gangsters are funny and tough. In short, the narrative poetry of the dialogue works well with the narrative poetry of the non-linear storytelling. A large part of the reason that the film doesn’t seem odd or alien with its cutting across timelines is the fact the dialogue seems simultaneously natural and engaging in a parodying way. The film incorporates the pop-culture credibility of its namesake, the pulp fiction that has entertained common people for years, even as the movie uses sophisticated editing to tell a larger story. The use of sound is critical to the film’s success. Both the music choice on the soundtrack and the use of naturalistic sound elements in the film serve to signal the action and engage the viewer. When Vincent dances with Uma Thurman’s Mia, the wife of the gangster who employs him, in their house, the alarm goes off, signaling the danger to come. The


Quentin Taratino’s Pulp Fiction is movie about time and violence and redemption. In its use of nonlinear narrative and through its excellent characterizations and dialogue, the film succeeds on many levels, not the least of which is through its ability to entertain throughout with visceral and often violent images, only to turn those very themes into food for thought as the film ends…
Pulp Fiction film Analysis
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