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Look at a contemporary film and examine how it uses traditional narrative structure to create and naturalize a certain myth - Essay Example

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Pulp fiction Name Institution Course Date Traditional narrative structures define the story and help the receipt to understand the message. The sender first encodes the message and sends it to the receipt through a channel. To get the meaning of the message the receipt decodes the message…
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Look at a contemporary film and examine how it uses traditional narrative structure to create and naturalize a certain myth
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Extract of sample "Look at a contemporary film and examine how it uses traditional narrative structure to create and naturalize a certain myth"

Download file to see previous pages Traditional narratives were passed from one generation to another through word of mouth that is orally. On the other hand, contemporary films are the modern films that are used to deliver given information on the receipt through televisions and DVD’s . Contemporary films include the multinational corporations film producers for instance Hollywood. With this, the essay examines how pulp fiction a postmodernist film uses linear traditional narrative structure to create and naturalize a certain myth. Traditional narrative structure consists of parts of a story and the order in which the reader unfolds the events in the story. As earlier stated the structure of the story consists of three parts, which clearly bring out the narrative. The structure of a traditional narrative depends on the genre of the story (Klapproth, 2004). For instance, in the digital narrative that is the contemporary film, the writer may decide to bring out a dramatic flashback first in the story before bringing out the initial events of the story. Contemporary films incorporate traditional narratives and improve the disposal of their stories. ...
The second part of the story, which is epitasis, sets things into motion it is also referred to as the catalyst stage because at this stage the agenda is revealed to the readers. In this story, the major characters undergo major changes as a result of what is happening in the story this is referred to as character development (Maan, 2010). The third stage is the resolution stage, in this stage the characters in the story confront the problem and coming together hence leading to the end of the story. Research shows that, there are two main types of traditional narrative structures, which defines a story. The two types of structures include linear and non-linear narrative structures. In non-linear structure, the story does not precede in a straight line or systematically for instance introducing flashback in the beginning of a story (Maan, 2010). On the other hand, linear narratives are sequential that means they run smoothly. In linear narrative, the story starts and ends with a contrast hence bringing out the message to be passed to the receipt. In most cases, traditional narratives are organized in a chronological order. Recent research shows that, linear narratives consist of four sequences manipulation, competence, performance, and sanction. In the first stage manipulation, the contrast is established (Klapproth, 2004). With this information on the traditional narrative structure the essay analyses how pulp fiction film uses non-linear type narrative to break up chronological time and demonstrate traditional realms of art. In this film the writer shows how cultural and art is important in any given community. In this film, semiotic codes are used to show traditional narrative structures are used to naturalize a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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