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How & Why Does Narrative Cinema Provide Pleasure - Research Paper Example

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This paper, How & Why Does Narrative Cinema Provide Pleasure?, highlights that various elements within a film contribute to the level of impact upon audiences. It is not merely the narrative itself, but also the characterization, sound, length of shots, types of sequences…
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How & Why Does Narrative Cinema Provide Pleasure
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Download file to see previous pages The films of the 1970s, such as Jaws produced in 1975 and Star Wars produced in 1977 were targeted towards a younger audience, involved an enormous financial stake with escalated production costs and product tie-ins providing an extra source of revenue. Film narrative earlier comprises a story stricture that relied upon tensions, culmination, and resolutions that were centered on a single protagonist. According to Howard, the narrative structure of film includes the tension which is a culmination of a film’s second Act, creating a new tension about what will happen, which in turn leads to the film’s overall resolution. Narrative cinema that is structured in this manner engages the viewer’s interest by involving him or her in the tensions and crises afflicting the main protagonist, providing the element of satisfaction when the conflict is satisfactorily resolved.
Film narrative in the recent past has however evolved from its earlier form that generally focused on a single protagonist. The film media was relatively insular in earlier years, but there has been an emergence of multimedia formats which have also influenced the nature and form of filmmaking, which in turn have altered the forms from which the audience derives pleasure from the narrative. In the wake of films such as Jaws and Star Wars, the modes of media consumption have been altered and this is also reflected in the changing forms of film narrative. 
Contemporary films are also characterized by aesthetic individuation of narrative. The parsing of films into such distinct units enables a focus upon the specific narrative identity – for example, a film becomes distinctive for certain constituent parts, such as its fight sequences or horror scenes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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