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Many consider graffiti as an art while others classify it as vandalism or degradation of environment. Graffiti is a broad term and encompasses all inscriptions or drawings produced hastily by using spray cans on a wall or other surface. …
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Download file to see previous pages Many consider graffiti as an art while others classify it as vandalism or degradation of environment. Graffiti is a broad term and encompasses all inscriptions or drawings produced hastily by using spray cans on a wall or other surface. Graffiti is also defined as a composition of pictures or words sprayed on a wall. The word graffiti is derived from an Italian word “groffitia” meaning “scribbling” or “inscriptions made on wax tablets using a stylus”. Graffiti has been used since prehistoric times to preserve or record signifying an individual’s existence by scribbling or scratching on an enduring medium. A study of history of graffiti reveals that from Neolithic period onwards, it was a common practice for nomads to leave marks in the form of scratches or inscriptions on rocks, signifying survival and success. During the Age of Enlightenment, graffiti was used by French prisoners to express their thoughts on the imminent rebellion. Moreover, during the golden age of French literature, many famous French authors mentioned graffiti in their work. Brassai, a French photographer, produced a famous photograph essay on graffiti in 1933. Graffiti was used as a weapon by the Nazis during the Second World War. Throughout the War, Nazis scribbled hate filled words and phrases against the enemies of the Third Reich on the walls of urban buildings. Graffiti was extensively used by students and labors throughout Europe during the unrest of 1960s and 1970s. (PEREIRA, S. 2005). Graffiti is of many types. Some of the important ones are as follows: i. Gang graffiti: The graffiti used by gangs to mark their territories and to convey threats to their opponents or trespassers. ii. Tagger graffiti: This type of graffiti is composed of either high volume simple hits or highly complicated art which is inscribed on streets. iii. Conventional graffiti: Conventional graffiti is almost always associated with “youthful experience” and is mostly isolated. In addition, conventional graffiti is often spontaneous and therefore it is not associated with other crimes and disorders. iv. Ideological graffiti: Ideological graffiti is also known as hate or political graffiti and serves as a means of conveying political, racial, religious or ethnic messages. Factors associated with Graffiti: Many individuals associate the presence of graffiti with government’s failure to ensure safety of citizens and punish lawbreakers. Excruciating amounts of money are utilized by the government to remove graffiti each year. In the United States of America, approximately $12 billion are spent each year to clear graffiti. The problem of graffiti is not an isolated one and is therefore associated with other environmental crimes and disorders. (HAGAN, F. E. 2008). In most cases the following disorders are often associated with graffiti: i. Public disorders: As stated earlier, Graffiti is not an isolated problem, it is rather a problem associated with various other crimes and disorders. One such disorder is public disorder which includes loitering, littering and urination in public areas. ii. Shoplifting: Shoplifting of materials used in graffiti is a common crime in areas where graffiti is widespread. iii. Gang violence: Gangs commonly use gang graffiti to convey threats of violence in order to mark their territories and threaten citizens. iv. Property destruction: Graffiti is often related to the destruction of property such as broken windows and slashed train and bus seats. (HAGAN, F. E. 2008). Envirocrime and Graffiti: Envirocrime is a broad term and encompasses a wide variety of disorders such as littering, fly posting, fly tipping and graffiti. Envirocrimes affects the whole community and renders the attractiveness of local environment. The effects of envirocrimes on a community are devastating and such crimes not only reduce the quality of life but also lower tourist attraction. Graffiti is applied and streets are littered by a small number of individuals but such activities affect all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Graffiti Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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Law Essay: Graffiti
Graffiti was used by cavemen to communicate and mark their territories. Moreover, in prehistoric times, graffiti was extensively used as it was an easy way to record the existence and successes of a famous individual. During the Age of Enlightenment, graffiti was extensively used by artists and writers because it was an unarmed and effective way of propagating French revolution by expressing views on walls and urban buildings.
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Graffiti Art
A report on the topic “scrutiny of “Envirocrime” was set out on April 2003, by the committee made under the British Parliament following the London Act 1999. The committee was prepare to scrutinize the issues that are being the cause of environment hazards and needed to be legally dealt under the ‘envirocimes’.
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Graffiti Report Essay
High degree of confidence with regards to the value that has been predicted is indicated by the low values within the optional output variance. It is assumed by Universal krigng that structural component and local trend differentiates from one location to the other.
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Banksy Graffiti Work
People do not know the real name of Banksy, but his art is a work of a passionate person. Banksy works; stencils, paintings and other art pieces repeatedly address social issues. Banksy work often displays a sense of humor, making it possible that someone will laugh or cast one’s eye thoughtfully upon seeing a Banksy piece.
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However, from an artistic point of view, graffiti is viewed as a way of expression with which street artists usually express themselves in. Graffiti is often viewed as a form of vandalism, and in the real sense it reveals approaches and techniques taken from fine art (Leko 7) There are various reasons why graffiti is spread around the world.
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Graffiti Identification
Due to the fact that negative impacts override the positive impacts of graffiti, many governments have implemented measures to try and combat the negative impacts; some of these measures have been successful. This essay will shed light on the above areas, and at the end of the research the reader will be able to understand the concept of graffiti.
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Art of Graffiti
. . . Graffiti art is free for all to come and view-no one can own it, it belongs to all of us"1. The opposite view in presented in the words of Gary Doyle from Public Works Officer, Nuisance Crime Abatement Unit, Oakland, California, who said, "I think graffiti is vandalism, pure and simple.
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The art of Graffiti
Many people have different opinions about graffiti. Some think it is artistic expression, others believe it is a form of vandalism. Partly this is because graffiti takes many different forms. Some of it shows a lot of artistic merit while other stuff is just a bunch of scribbling. There is one thing that usually unifies graffiti as a category.
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Rethinking Graffiti
There is no clear or consistent definition of the term ‘graffiti’ as its meaning changes with the person providing the definition. In some instances, it is considered to be art, but in others, these merits are either ignored or not present. In these cases, it is considered to be something illegal and anti-social because it is generally practiced in derelict portions.
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Graffiti the illegal art
Graffiti, largely identified as an illegal art, has been used by artists as a means of expressing resistance to the hegemonic definition of formal art in numerous countries around the world. The definition of graffiti changes depending upon who is providing the definition. Other than the illegal act of painting on an unsanctioned public or private property space.
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