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Environmental Crime: Graffiti - Assignment Example

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The following paper “Environmental Crime: Graffiti” looks at a pictorial or lettered composition produced hastily by scratching, scrawling or painting by hand on a wall or other enduring materials. The history of graffiti dates back to prehistoric times…
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Environmental Crime: Graffiti
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Download file to see previous pages Views on graffiti have always been controversial; certain individuals classify graffiti as art while others consider it nothing but vandalism and degradation of the environment. Most individuals consider graffiti a unique form of living art. A characteristic feature of modern graffiti is tagging. Tagging is defined as a chronic itch of a writer or an artist to mark his graffiti with his signature. Usually, tagging is associated with graffiti produced on prominent buildings in a city. In modern society, graffiti has evolved as a cultural movement and the different styles used to prove that graffiti is more than just vandalism; it is a striking form of living art. Throughout the 1970s and mid-1980s, ideological graffiti was employed by students and labors to express dissatisfaction of political conditions of Europe. The Nazis, during World War II, extensively used graffiti to threaten their opponents. (PEREIRA, S. 2005). Modern graffiti is highly complicated and has many different styles. Each gang has its own style of writing. The most common graffiti styles are Chinese graff style, Wiggles Bboy style, Softy letter style, and Puzzle style. In London, Shadow style W 3D and Flava wildstyle are also common. (BINGHAM, J.2010). Types of graffiti: The major types of graffiti are listed below: i. Ideological graffiti: Graffiti which is used to express dissatisfaction towards the political conditions in a country is known as ideological graffiti. (HAGAN, F. E. 2008). ii. Hip Hop graffiti: Hip Hop graffiti is characterized by the creation of large pieces which are also known as graffiti masterpieces. The creation of hip hop graffiti pieces involves the use of diverse colors and is usually formed using aerosol spray cans. Usually, hip hop graffiti pieces consist of cartoon or lettered compositions. Formation of hip hop graffiti is time-consuming and is usually the result of extensive thought and planning. iii. Tagger graffiti: Tagger graffiti is a combination of high volume simple hits and highly complicated abstracts. (BINGHAM, J.2010). iv. Opportunistic Graffiti: Opportunistic graffiti is defined as a pictorial or lettered composition produced impulsively by the graffitist. The location for opportunistic graffiti is also selected impulsively. Therefore, such graffiti is not pre-planned. (BINGHAM, J.2010). v. Gang graffiti: Gang members use characteristic graffiti to mark their turf and to threaten citizens with abusive lettered graffiti. Gang graffiti can either be pre-planned or it may be created impulsively. (BINGHAM, J.2010). vi. Commercial graffiti: Many individuals view commercial graffiti as a civic problem. Large private organizations hire experienced graffiti writers or artists or create advertising logos or promotional messages on walls and urban buildings. Government authorities classify commercial graffiti as illegal. (BINGHAM, J.2010). Factors associated with Graffiti: The problem of graffiti is not an isolated one and is therefore associated with other enviro-crimes. Certain environment-specific factors cause an increase in graffiti. Such factors include the failure of the government to identify and punish lawbreakers, rising unemployment rates and failure of the welfare system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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