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Digital Futures - Essay Example

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Running head: Digital Futures Digital Futures Introduction The 21st century is challenging with the advancement of digital technology. Every institution wants to fit in with the changing world. Each day, there are new inventions in almost all fields from medicine, through media to even the military…
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Digital Futures
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Download file to see previous pages This creature is then destined to serve in various fields that a normal human being cannot serve. Likewise, cloning has also drawn the attention of many, where people want to replicate superior organisms. The Australian Defense Forces has shown great interest on the emerging cyborg technology, asserting that it will serve a great deal in boosting its security. This paper will discuss digital futures in light of cyborg technology in the Australian Defence Forces. Cyborg technology Human beings have been ambitious in the creation of living things from non-living parts. While this may seem like just a dream, tremendous progress has been made in this field. This artificial creation of life can be categorized into two broad classes. First is carbon-based live, where living organisms are developed from classical building blocks of nature. The other one is where scientists create living organisms using the same principles of creation, but implementing them differently. This may be through machines such as computers or laboratory bags. Cyborg technology falls under the first mode of creation where organisms are developed from components found in the world. This process uses materials that have no relation with the human body such as metals and plastics (Adami, 1998). Cyborg technology is no longer a myth, as it is possible to develop robots that can function as well as human being. With technology, scientists are now able to develop structures that enhances the functionality of human being. They argue that humans have limited capability and to survive in a complex world, the society needs a structure with superior abilities. As a result they have developed a human-robot with superior intelligent than the normal robots, and named it cyborg. A cyborg, as the name suggests is a cybernetic organism, composed of the human part and the machine part. These two parts are integrated in a special way in order to perform the required tasks (Warwick, n.d). However, there are numerous challenges that are associated with the functionality of a cyborg, bearing in mind that human beings are the one that control it. The big question still lies as to whether cyborgs have been able to accomplish the purpose they were designed for, or more research needs to be conducted for their improvement (Seed, 2005). What constitutes a cyborg is still vague as it is possible to narrow the definition to any living organism, whose body system has mechanical or biotechnologies. With this regard, about 10% for instance of the United States citizens are cyborgs. This group of people in technical terms includes those who have artificial joints, drug implant systems, artificial skins or with electronic pacemakers. In short, those with an artificial element that prevents their bodies to act naturally. On the other hand, a large number of people engage in careers that make them metaphoric cyborgs. It is with certainty that these people accidentally found themselves in this category (Seed, 2005). The creation of the cyborg started when the military saw the need for improving its performance. With rise in human power and military equipment, the military sought to develop a structure that would function more than human beings would. As a result, it opted to combine the human element and the mechanical element to come up with a superior product. Initially, scientists through accidents had replaced most of the vital organs in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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