Submit a one-page Statement of Intent describing the events and ideas which led to your interest in this major - Essay Example

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8 September, 2011. Personal Statement Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in Fashion and Marketing is the right major for me because of my unusual interest in fashion and my creative designing and art skills…
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Submit a one-page Statement of Intent describing the events and ideas which led to your interest in this major
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"Submit a one-page Statement of Intent describing the events and ideas which led to your interest in this major"

I conducted a brief review of the role of each participant in the drama and designed clothes that perfectly suited the classmates’ respective roles. My efforts so appreciated that I was given an unexpected reward for my unmatched sense of style and skill of fashion designing along with the regular performance award that everybody else got as well. Judges told me that they had introduced the reward for exceptional sense of style at the eleventh hour with the sole intention of appreciating my skills. That unexpected reward worked wonders for me, and inculcated the motivation in me to pursue my career in fashion designing. My dad originally wanted me to become a doctor, but then thought better of it saying that one should only adopt a career one thinks one would be able to do justice to. A career that matches the interest of an individual surely fits this category. My dad’s support added to the reinforcing ideas clouding my mind to pursue my career in fashion designing, and I resolved to apply in the major of AAS in Fashion and Marketing. Read More
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Submit a One-Page Statement of Intent Describing the Events and Ideas Essay.
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Brilliant paper! Used it to finish an assignment for a visual arts & film studies course. It was easy as ABC, for the first time in my life.
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