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An organisational case study - Assignment Example

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Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL CASE STUDY Organizational Case Study - Southwest Airlines Name University Introduction Southwest Airlines is one organization which seems to get a number of things right as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. Lauer (2010) observes the airline has consistently made profit over the last 38 years and this can be attributed to its strategic alignment…
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An organisational case study
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Download file to see previous pages Strategic formulation which is a key component of organizational entrepreneurship entails “the development of business mission, decisions both long term and short term objectives, and prioritizing strategies” (Karami, 2003). Dana (2004) notes that it is associated with deciding which resource is for what and in what amount, the process of entering international market or issues related to mergers with suppliers or sales agencies to diversify operations. Strategic formulation in business thus involves the perception of any strategy formulation process which has marked phases that are time-bound. Focus on Southwest Airlines This paper examines Southwest Airlines using SWOT Analysis in understanding its market penetration and product development strategic frameworks. It also draws the way forward for the airline to remain competitive. Bohm (2008) agrees that SWOT analysis has been used to evaluate and identify a number of areas in project formulation and Southwest is not an exception. The framework is used in mapping out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Indeed, it is used to formulate strategic plans and crafting solutions to control situations. All these predominantly follow an in-depth analysis of external environmental factors that affect the market and operations of Southwest Airlines (Bohm, 2008). ...
outhwest Airlines One such is the organizational structure which focuses on the flow of information and responsiveness to client-related issues (Bohm, 2008). Southwest has often demonstrated quick response to client issues e.g. flight delays. Besides, the organizational organ gram is such that the pecking order is clear therefore the flow of information to those responsible in handling it is promptly facilitated for corrective action (Price, 2007; Mentges & Renga, 2010). Beyond this the strength in communication is further compounded by the fact that Southwest Airlines has an optimally utilized website. It was indeed one of the first airlines to have a fully fledged website to create widespread customer awareness on its services. However, one of the website’s weaknesses is that fares are not clearly outlined to enable customers make informed decisions just by the click of the mouse (Price, 2007). Regardless, it is reported that the airline has the largest pool of website visits. It is also highly ranked with the best profitability record in the American market. The website also has a magazine that has caught the attention of many thereby bringing with it more customers (West, 2005; Joyner, 2006). In regards to the internet use Hoffman et al. (2001) believes that the company is on the right footing given that this is the information transformation age. The second way of examining internal analysis of strength and weaknesses is by looking into the organization’s planning. Daft (2008), states that the point is to examine the ‘feasible long and short term’ arrangement or map of action concerning for example the human resources. In this regards Southwest Airline is on top of its game. It also plans its flight operations well in advance and appropriately communicates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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