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Answering two questions against a previously analysed organisation/ on EDDIE STOBART - Case Study Example

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Reputation Management Name: Institution: Date: Reputation is acquired over time through an entity’s activities with relation to its purpose and fulfilment of its objectives. Reputation management is the practice of monitoring and evaluating the reputation of a brand or individual…
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Answering two questions against a previously analysed organisation/case study on EDDIE STOBART
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Download file to see previous pages According to Van Riel and Balmer, corporate identity mix is characterized by the fusion of behavioural communications that are drawn from several management disciplines, and it is better manifested when there is an ownership philosophy. Corporate identity is achieved from the way that a company represents itself through behaviour and symbolism to internal and external audiences (Van Riel &Balmer, 1997). It is enshrined in the behaviour of individuals in the firm and the way that they express the firm’s consistent identity over time, its distinctiveness and centrality. Reputation is built on identity because it reverberates with the principles of identity, which state that, the results of what, how and where; that determine the identity that is portrayed. Corporate identity mix is attributed to a philosophical representation of channels through which a firms’ personality is conveyed (Van Riel & Balmer, 1997).Public relations (PR) in any organisation are meant to cater for and look after the reputation of that organisation (Doorley & Garcia, 2011). PR activities are characterized by planned and sustained efforts to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between a firm and the public (Van Riel & Balmer, 1997). ...
Eddie Stobart has been able to achieve this through its immense fleet of 2, 500 haulage trucks and over six million square feet of premium quality warehousing. The strategy of turning the name Eddie Stobart into a brand has worked magnificently as a symbol of logistical solutions. The use of symbolism is exemplified by the fact that every Eddie Stobart vehicle has little blue lights on the front to allow them easier recognition at night. This is a subtle initiative, but it is an ingenious method of symbolism that works to strengthen the firm’s identity in society. This is a good example of elemental principles of corporate identity mix where visual style is used to cement and unify a firm’s array of product lines. This has helped Eddie Stobart build a strong corporate identity by integrating its operations into a monolithic identity (Van Riel & Balmer, 1997). This has helped the corporation set its self apart from rising competitors like Virgin Trains and City Link. Eddie Stobart as a company has made excellent use of visual style through various multimedia outlets. The hugely popular channel 5 TV documentary series ‘Eddie Stobart’ is agood example of how the firm is using visual style as an element of corporate identity mix to achieve effective symbolism. According to Van Riel and Balmer, communication represents the various ways in which corporations convey their personality to the stakeholders, customers and the public at large. This is achieved through corporate advocacy advertising and public relations. Corporate communication ensures coordination across disciplines, which involves stakeholders’ management and corporate identity, image and corporate identity mix (Cornelissen, 2009). Eddie Stobart has done this through increased message ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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