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Organizational Behavior - Case Study Example

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Leadership is basically centered on people as one needs to inspire, steward and direct people towards a common objective. A leader who has built a strong amiable relationship with her peers would have an easier way of…
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Organizational Behavior Study Case
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Download file to see previous pages The reason why she is well liked is not because she is just nice. Jennifer is well liked because people just knew they could count on her and thus making her popular. She also has manifested traits of leadership beginning on the early days of his career which signify that her leadership skills are genuine and is not a pretension just to get the post. Her leadership achievements included helping to form the first union, getting grants, writing skits for the faculty clubs annual follies, and going out of her way to befriend everyone who needed support. In addition, she also has an inexorable source of energy which is essential for leaders. She also knew the university well having built her career there. She was the President of the Faculty Senate and served as vice president for 10 years and handled difficult issues such as academic complaints and overseeing several committees.
Jennifer however is not the perfect candidate for the position because she lacked outside experience and her strength could also be the source of her weakness. Essentially, Jennifer Treeholm’s experience only revolved around Mid West University. This means that she lack the diversity of experience and exposure to the professional world. She is also extremely close to her peers which may not work well when she becomes President because it may cloud her objectivity running the danger of playing favorites. Their every-Friday-night watering hole is also not healthy if she becomes President because it would be considered inappropriate for a university president to be on a drinking binge with her subordinates.
Weighing Jennifer Treeholm’s strength against her weakness however still does not make her a lesser option or a bad option for the post. Her weakness can be easily overcome if she chose to. She has a Ph.D and most likely knows that being too close to a one group of people is not good especially if they are their subordinates. She ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Behavior Study Case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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