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The Broken Column and Olympia - Essay Example

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The essay compares "The Broken Column" and "Olympia". Scientists have suggested that art was originally produced as a magical attempt to control events such as calling a successful hunt or discovering healing rituals, though there is no definitive proof this was so. …
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The Broken Column and Olympia
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Extract of sample "The Broken Column and Olympia"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The Broken Column and Olympia" focuses on the comparison of two paintings, "The Broken Column" and "Olympia". Common artistic practice and subjects within cultures suggests Ancient Egyptian art was created as a means of commemorating important people and the ancient Greeks made art to help them worship their gods and goddesses and to preserve their cultural myths. The Romans seem to have adopted elements of the Greek style and fused it with elements of the Egyptian style to develop an artistic approach intended to inspire and celebrate their cultural achievements. After the fall of Rome, the art of the Middle Ages became dominated by themes of Christian religious myths in order to reject the Paganism of the fallen Empire, incorporating religious, political and educational purpose. From here, the art of the Renaissance reflects the re-discovery of more ancient art forms fused to new scientific advancements giving it a historical and experimental purpose. As this skip through art history demonstrates, it is easily understood that art can be used for several purposes and it is often inspired or developed in some way so as to build on the past while reflecting the attitudes of the present. As an aspiring animator, the art that appeals most to me is that which takes risks and adopts a more modern or simplified representation of subject such as Edward Manet's groundbreaking "Olympia" entering into the modern period or Frida Kahlo's "The Broken Column" as an expression of surrealism. ...
More than that, she is clearly successful in that she has a servant and lives within a very rich environment. Her servant is so dark that she almost becomes lost in the background color of the painting even though she stands at the edge of the far side of the bed. Because of the way he created the painting, Manet leaves it widely open to interpretation. “The public nakedness of a beautiful woman sometimes becomes a question of politics … which actions are permitted under which unspoken and frequently changing rules” (Friedrich 1). Her appearance within the rigidly proper Victorian culture was shocking because she was seen as a very successful, beautiful and independent woman as compared to the mostly powerless women of the age. Therefore, her representation within polite society was a direct challenge to the rigid ideals of propriety and purity because the painting suggested that her behavior and character were accepted and even condoned within her society. In “The Broken Column” (1944), Kahlo uses dreamlike images to illustrate her personal pain and suffering and line to hold everything together while also demonstrating an independent woman. The broken column of the title refers to the internal structure of Frida’s spinal column. This spinal column is seen through the torn skin and loosely twined bandages that are the only things holding her together. The broken column symbolizes her lack of a support structure and represents her sense of imbalance at the same time that it indicates one of her major sources of pain. Her skin is pricked all over with tiny pins, demonstrating that she is never free of the smaller pains of daily life. The pins continue down the right side of her body, which is the side that had been crippled by both ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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