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The Temple of Olympian Zeus - Article Example

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The article “The Temple of Olympian Zeus” focuses on the contribution of classical concepts. It deals with the Temple of Olympian Zeus’ descriptions, as well as Hellenistic importance. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a testament to the flourishing effects of classical humanities on our modern culture…
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The Temple of Olympian Zeus
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Extract of sample "The Temple of Olympian Zeus"

Download file to see previous pages The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a testament to the flourishing effects of classical humanities on our modern culture. The Temple of Olympian Zeus displays classical, as well as Hellenistic, culture. In terms of humanities, Philosophy & Literature of the western culture deal with Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece & Rome. The architecture of the Temple of Olympian Zeus (Athens, Greece) reflects the values and aesthetics of the culture that created it. In terms of the philosophical aspect of classical humanities, the study includes the concept of the antiquities. The classical era dates from 600 BC to 600 AD. The classical culture is described as the group which included a majority of the highest class of citizens. The humanities study focused on the “Philo’s Rule” (strike the divine coin again). Classical Philosophy includes the intellectual, as well as aesthetic, admiration of the best around the world. Specifically, the temple is made from Doric style limestone creations. The remaining shreds of evidence of the hugeness of the Zeus which focused on the temple are the towering columns. The towering columns still remain today as testimony to the unforgettable influence of the Classical architecture on the prior Greek society. Aristotle mentioned that the Classical Period included the king’s forcible use of the citizens to build the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The people’s focus on creating the architectural masterpiece kept them busy. Being occupied with the temple construction, citizens did not have time to stage rallies and attacks on the king during the classical period. In terms of the literary aspect of classical humanities, Edward Coplestone emphasized that Classical literature centers on learning, which includes the sending of data to the human mind. Classical literature persuades the current generation is encouraged to emulate the best of the classical period. The human being must prioritize a high sense of honor. Likewise, the classical person enjoined to refute death for good reason. Lastly, classical literature empowers the average person to devote one’s life to the welfare of the Greek community. During the latter part of the temple’s construction, some of the columns were made from the prior low-quality building materials to the premium quality Pentelic marble. In addition, the later columns were made using the Corinthian architecture style. The new style replaced the prior Doric architectural designs. The architectural design includes several towering columns that resemble those supporting the Parthenon. The Parthenon is located in Athens, Greece as well. Likewise, the Parthenon was constructed during the Classical humanities period, 488 B.C. to 480 B.C. Both the Parthenon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus included the construction architectural column types (small and big cella architectural types). During the Classical humanities period, the architectures prioritized the competitive creation of grand, beautiful, and technically ingenious works of architectural art. On the side of the Parthenon, the architectural foundation of the temple was made out of the limestone and marble. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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