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Olympia, ancient game effect art and religion and vice versa - Research Paper Example

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There is a deep mist of the time which hindered the revelation of contextual circumstances of the games. However, according to a fable, the origin of Olympic Games revolves around the Greek god Zeus, who fought a…
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Olympia, ancient game effect art and religion and vice versa
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Extract of sample "Olympia, ancient game effect art and religion and vice versa"

Download file to see previous pages These religious rituals ultimately transformed into Olympic Games1.
Nothing exactly can be said about the occurrence of the first Olympic Games. However, it is believed that Olympic Games were held first time in 776 B.C. To some extent, Olympic Games helped to change the war-like situation among the city states into a temporary peace as Sparta, the most aggressive city state, used to lull sending its warriors into battle until the games are over. This tradition was followed by other city states in true letter and spirit.
Surprisingly, women had been forbidden to take part in the games. Death penalty was awarded to them even if they watched these games. However, in 396 B.C., a woman from Rhodes broke this tradition by watching Olympic Games. According to narrated story, his husband died before the event and hence she prepared her son for the boxing competition. She watched the game of her son in disguised as man but caught after jubilant shouts. Her death penalty was pardoned as a special case.
Milo of Croton was considered as the greatest athlete of ancient games. He won the wrestling crown six times in 500 B.C. It is narrated that he was so powerful that he used to carry a full grown bull on his shoulders.
Artists from all over the Greek used to witness the event. The famous Greek poet, Pindar wrote many odes narrating the capabilities and potential of the winners of the game. The buildings which were constructed in Olympia portrayed the rich heritage of Greek architecture2.
There was a strong relationship among Olympic Games, religion and art in ancient times as well as in modern day of the games. The charter of modern Olympic Games coined a term ‘Olympism’ that it defines as “a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind”. Thus, the term ‘Olympism’ describe a religion without divinity3.
The Olympic Games in Greek were being played with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Olympia, Ancient Game Effect Art and Religion and Vice Versa Research Paper.
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