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The Hybrid of 35mm Film and Digital Video - Thesis Example

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The Hybrid of 35mm Film and Digital Video [ your name ] [ ] [ university / institution ] [ ] Submitted in partial fulfilment of [ degree name / level ] Abstract Pictures have interested man from the very start. The earliest paintings from caves in France indicate that primitive man had an interest in creating pictures though they lacked the prerequisites…
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The Hybrid of 35mm Film and Digital Video
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Extract of sample "The Hybrid of 35mm Film and Digital Video"

Download file to see previous pages Over time, the video from film cameras evolved from black and white into colour and now looms around extinction in the face of digital video and digital cameras. Attempts are being made in order to revitalize the decaying film camera industry such as with the introduction of the LomoKino camera that supports film video creation using a crank. The current paper will attempt to look at an effort to create a TVR commercial to popularise such cameras using video footage obtained from film cameras as well as digital cameras. Introduction The twentieth century can be seen as a time of revolution for the human race. A number of significant developments took place following the Industrial Revolution that has redefined the manner in which human beings exist and look at things. Communication is one of the key aspects that have changed altogether from the pre Industrial Revolution period to today. The printing press was a key change that introduced more and more people to printed messages and allowed greater communication between people. In a similar manner, the invention of photography took the world by surprise. First, photography allowed people to transmit simple black and white images to convey messages. In the next step, these images were combined together to produce moving images that stunned audiences across the world. ...
On the other hand, photographed images did not require any prerequisites to understand them. Naturally, photography became more and more popular with time when compared to printed texts. This major change was catalysed by the creation of moving images in the form of the earliest films. Placing moving images together allowed for easier and simpler transmission of ideas. Images became an instrument for propaganda from the very start given their effectiveness at delivering their message. Audiences around the globe were mesmerised with moving images although sound had yet not been introduced. It comes as no surprise that by the start of the twentieth century, governments around the world were utilising cinemas and moving pictures for propaganda value. By this point in time, technological advances had allowed photographers to capture images in colour. The century old tradition of photography had developed a number of different industrial standards to allow for more standardised photography. One of these developments depended on the use of three different colour filters namely red, green and blue in order to capture and later reproduce images. Another major development dating from this period was the development of the 35mm film that became synonymous with photography around the world. The iconic 35mm film became the symbol of the photography world such that a photographer operating anywhere around the world had access to this film. Early on this size for photographic films was adopted by Thomas Edison in liaison with Blair Camera Company from New York (Dickson, 1933). Both companies agreed to slice photographic film to a standard size of 35mm or 1.375 inches for each frame. Moreover, each frame had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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