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The report Art in the Age of Revolution talks that the concept of Realism was based on direct examination of the modern world. It abandoned the idealized classicism of intellectual art and the striking ideas of Romanticism. Social Realism Art reflected its presence as portrayals of injustice…
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Art in the Age of Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages lieving in this idea, the Realists recorded in often resolute aspects of the current day survival of modest people that paralleled with the associated movements in the naturalist literature of Emile Zola, Honore de Balzac, and Gustave Flaubert. The assessment of the working class into the area of high art and literature overlapped with the socialist philosophies of Pierre Proudhon and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which were published in the year 1848 and led to an urge of manual revolution (Nineteenth-Century French Realism, 2012). Gustave Courbet was a great French painter and he developed the term Realism in art to sum up a fashion of painting that emerged in France after the 1848 Revolution. The painters and sculptors who followed Realism wanted to express neither magnificence nor attractiveness. Rather it was all ordinariness that they were focused into. Artists of the time completely surveyed the limits of this artistic concept. Popular artists like Auguste Rodin succeeded in initiating this heroicism in their works. The mid nineteenth century school of French Realism was an introduction for numerous other movements of the modern art related to Realism that appeared later in the twentieth century. Social Realism was also included in these movements (Artists of the Realism School (c. 1840-1900), n.d.). Socialist Realism in Modern Art: In the field of modern art, the concept of Social Realism is conventionally linked with interwar American art. It provided remarks on social, economic, and political conditions that existed during an era of Depression. There were two movements of modern art that could be associated with a left-wing character. These were the American Social Realism and Soviet-inspired Socialist Realism. There had been significant events that...
From the above study, it can be very well concluded that during the mid nineteenth century, French artists had significantly given rise to the revolution involving Realism in their art and avoided Romanticism. The main purpose of this plan was to bring out the lives of the common people of their times in the representations and portrayals of the arts and paintings as well as literature. This can be considered to have an association with the social aspect of lives as well since the depictions would communicate some message or the other in regard to the human lives and their society. This author talks that Realism is a form of presenting the work of art in which different issues are portrayed in as simple a way as feasible, exclusive of romanticizing them and without any rules of formal artistic theory being followed.
This paper makes a conclusion that the label of Socialist was not much obtained in the movement and Realism was considered more suitable to the movement and the acts of the artists as represented through their works. Thus, as far as the movement is concerned it can be said that the French Art in the mid nineteenth century had taken significant measures towards their society trying to focus and represent their conditions through their paintings and creations but the label of socialist might not been involved or attached to realism to great extents in this regard, although their works did have socialist message for the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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