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The art work here portrayed is classical Greece and this style of art is produced by most exquisite sculptors of the time.The sculptures behind these artwork are extra- ordinary and pioneers of this field. They are mostly influenced by the nature of work they produce as they are of unique and elaborate quality. …
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Classical Societies
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Topic:  ical Societies Essay Style of Art – ical Greece Reference Link - http Introduction Theart work here portrayed is classical Greece and this style of art is produced by most exquisite sculptors of the time.The sculptures behind these artwork are extra- ordinary and pioneers of this field. They are mostly influenced by the nature of work they produce as they are of unique and elaborate quality. According to (Hunt For,2007)“ Classical period of ancient Greek history is fixed between 480 B.C., when the Greeks began to come into conflict with the kingdom of Persia to the east and 338 B.C., when Philip II of Macedonia with son Alexander defeated the Greek”. The art work of classical Greece style depicts the independent identity of human beings. It also shows the freedom of movement and freedom of expression of mankind of that era. In classical Greece artwork, the artist experimented the true nature of man and artist expand themselves beyond the aesthetic boundaries. Here the artist utilized the human expressions and nature to carve out masterpieces in marble. Here ,the human figure is utilized in many ways to bring out the best artistic value in them. The artwork here is projecting a girl who is holding doves in her hand which is a symbol of peace and harmony.Normally, this kind of art work which is carved in marble,with a girl in the portfolio is seen to be placed in Greek Cemeteries.The greek girl standing here bows her head down to the dove which symbolizes her seriousness, which is not usually seen in a a girl of her age.This artwork was sculpted around 450 and 440 B.C.The gravity of her face bowed down towards doves express her sweet farewell to them.She holds the birds extremely close to her to show the affection she has towards them.One dove is placed boldly close to her chest while other one is perched on the left hand which is the symbol of nestling them. It is a usual for such art work,depicting a young girl with pet to appear on the graves of Greece .This art work was found on Greek Island of Paros in 1775.The Cycladic Islands was famous for artistic carving on marble due the fact that marble is abundant there.This artwork is made on Parian marble and was an antiquity during those times.It is considered one of the perfect marbles apt for carving splendid sculptures.This art work belongs to classical Greece period which directs to mid fifth century. As per (Gill,2012) “The Classical Age of Greece begins with the Persian War (490-479 B.C.) and ends with the death of Alexander the Great (323 B.C.)”. This period was peak of Greek civilization and possessed a major wealth of art and artefacts.The classical period was directly under the power of Roman civilization.It was also the time when the Athenian rule came to an end. The art here has some connection to the civilization of that particular period.This civilization of Greece were struggling under the grip of the Roman civilization and the girl here with doves emphasize the urge for peace.Doves has always been the symbol of peace, serenity and harmony.However during the 5th century the Athens, capital of Greece was losing its identity as the greatest civilaization .The sadness on the face of the little girls portrays the detoriation of greek civilization and the loss of peace and happiness of the country.The young girl here directly denoted the death of Greek civilization at a tender age.And a girl here depicts the feminine embodiment of nature , earth a and human emotions. The ancient Greek civilization was a significant civilization in the whole of the world.This classical Greece art reflects on the culture and living style of ancient greek.Many a times the classical art shows the mythical Gods and Goddesses and these art forms are used to decorated the temples and architectural monument of Ancient Greece .The intricacy and magnificence of art produced by then famous sculptors showed the thinking level of the related civilization.The civilization of then Greek people were highly polished and possessed high artistic thoughts. The art also reflects the simplicity and deep thinking stature of the Classical Greek Civilization.The classical Greek civilization was much into the philosophy and ethics of life.Moreover, by observing this art , one can understand the simple but deep philosophical culture of Greek civilization. The 5th century in Greece, had the outlook and charecterisitcs of Athenian period .Later this period was succeeded by hellenicn period.This classical art is a symbolism of classical greek period where the emphasiz was more on meaning ful life.Here the genre of art also reflects the peaceful and ethical thinking of the citizens of Classical Greek period.The art depicts the refined intelligence and knowledge of the citizen of the greek period.Greek Civilization was at its peak during the Classical Greece era, when this sculpture was constructed.Usually this kind of art is mainly erected at cemetery which shows the relation of man with nature and his unwillingness to leave the material world.The two dove s resembles peace and eternity after death.The art also conveys the state of soul after departing from earth. Work Cited Art - Hunt For.Art of Ancient Greece (2007). In Retrieved June 14, 2012, from http://www .huntfo Gill, N. S. (2012). Classical Greece. In Retrieved June 14, 2012, from Read More
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