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Art in the Age of Revolution: In Depth Analysis of Jacques Louis David Works - Essay Example

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The report Art in the Age of Revolution talks that Morgan states that neoclassism is the term used for the enthusiasm for Greek and Roman form of ideals. He put into painting the current events like the changing role of women in the society and politics during the revolution…
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Art in the Age of Revolution: In Depth Analysis of Jacques Louis David Works
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Extract of sample "Art in the Age of Revolution: In Depth Analysis of Jacques Louis David Works"

Download file to see previous pages Other characteristics are lack of trace of brush strokes, and stressed drawing with lines. On addition the works during the said period has a purpose of being morally uplifting and considered inspirational (Strickland and Boswell, 2009). Neoclassical style is known for its severe and precisely drawn figure without the illusion of depth and appeared in the foreground. The compositions were simple to avoid Rococo melodrama and the brushworks were smooth which made the surface appear more polished. Roman touches like arches and columns and symmetry and straight lines were included in the background (Strickland and Boswell, 2009). Classical societies were the model of neoclassism. Cultural and social influences had been evident on the work of the artists during the time. It reflects the cultural and moral good needed during the time of chaos and enlightenment. Neoclassical artist are trained in Italy because of the classical protypes where they could learn. Different values acted as a guidepost for neoclassical artist. Included in the said values were justice, honor for one’s country and the need to portray inspirational themes (Perry et al., 2012). Jacques Louis Davis (1748-1825) was the trendsetter artist of Neoclassism. He is a French painter and democrat who imitated the Greek and Roman art to inspire the new French republic (Strickland and Boswell, 2009). Lewis and Lewis stated that David paintings seek to tell moral story and teach proper values. A series of David’s work has a cultural and social influence and connected to the historical events in France. The paintings invoked different symbols that are associated with virtues and common good....
This essay stresses that intervention of Sabine women is another painting done by David at the height of French revolution. This painting seeks for the end of violence and a reconstruction of a new political order in France as well as redefined feminine role for women. The collective decision making of the body politic and the gendered identity of individuals in politics are seen in the paintings. The private and public realms play an important role in the ideologies of liberated France. Intervention of Sabine Women showed Sabine women went to the ongoing war between their Sabine fathers and Roman husbands, together with their babies. They threw themselves into the middle of the war separating their fathers and husband hoping to stop the violence happening. This painting marked the changing role of women in the liberated France.
This paper makes a conclusion that David’s paintings reflected the political and social events that were happening in France at that time. It reflected the culture and social influences of the country and its surroundings. David used his paintings as effective media in educating the public. He believed that art could play an important role in educating the public and that the dramatic paintings emphasizing patriotism and civic virtue would prove as effective as rallying call. Thus, he started to portray events from French revolution itself rather than continue making art pieces that be focused on scenes of antiquity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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