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Theatres in New York City - Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theatre - Research Paper Example

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The research will reveal the nature of profit earnings of two theaters of New York City - Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theatre, funding base and strategies used to sell tickets, and nature of labor relations, touring productions and the nature of talent used in these two theaters…
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Theatres in New York City - Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theatre
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that among a variety of theaters in the New York City the Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theatre of the New York City are very popular. The Public Theater was founded by Joseph Papp. He founded the theater as a Shakespeare Workshop. It is currently described as one of the most excellent cultural institutions of America. This has been the most important theater in New York City and also in the entire nation where all the voices, rhythms, societies, and cultures converged. The theater has been founded for the purpose of providing public platforms to the up-and-coming performers and dramatists. The theater has been opened at 425, Lafayette Street, East Village, Lower Manhattan (this place was formally known as the Astor library) with the world-premiere production and live performance of the famous American rock musical HAIR. This was the first show of this rock musical. Throughout the history the theater has been famous for producing several plays, musicals, and productions based on William Shakespeare, and various other classics in its Lafayette Street headquarter. The theater has been nurtured under the leadership of Oskar Eustis, the famous Artistic Director, and Patrick Willingham, the famous Executive Director of the theater. During their leadership the theater has been emerged as the most crucial nurturing place for artists and audiences in relation to embrace the complexities of contemporary culture and society of the country. Under the leadership and guidance of Joseph Papp the theater has evolved as the most important place of enclosure and a forum of new ideas and views (History of Public Theater, 2012, p. 1). On the contrary, The Cherry Lane Theater opened in 1924 at 38, Commerce Street, Manhattan, New York City. The theater was founded by a group of theater artists in a factory of tobacco warehouse and box. But in the 1924, designer Cleon Throckmorton designed the structure of the theater and converted the tobacco factory into a theater. This very structure of the theater is present till date. In 1998, the studio has been opened for new American work. Angelina Fiordellisi was the owner and the founder of the theater and helped a lot in the evolution process of the theater. Among these changes the most important one has been creation of the 60-seat black-box theater by Fiordellisi. This theater is the oldest and continuously-running theater in the New York City. This theater is an off-Broadway theater whereas the Public Theater is a Broadway theater (History of the Cherry Lane Theater, 2012, p. 1). Organizational structures and managerial positions: Both the theaters, the Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theater are organized and managed by artists and dramatists. The Public Theater is organized by Joseph Papp, who was one of the most recognized theatrical producer as well as director of the country, till his death. During his time the theater achieved several successes and won various awards and prizes. He was like the father figure of the theater and under his management the theater had been a significant place for both music and plays and this system of management is present in modern days also. The management type of the Public Theater is highly passionate about the development of the theatrical productions of the country ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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