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Historical Land Qwnership as Depicted in the Movie, the Field by Jim Sherindan - Essay Example

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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Historical land ownership as depicted in the movie, the Field by Jim Sherindan One of the plays that hit the 20th century movie market was the field, a film that was written by John Keane and performed for the first time in 1965. It debuted at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin the same year of its first performance…
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Historical Land Qwnership as Depicted in the Movie, the Field by Jim Sherindan
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Download file to see previous pages The setting of the movie is in a small country village located in the southwestern part of Ireland. Bull McCabe is an individualist who has spent several hard years of labor cultivating a small rented land. He nurtures it from barren rock into fertile land, which becomes beneficial. Bull has always claimed the land his and had dreamed of buying it, as it is being put up currently for auction. McCabes intimidate pose intimidation of several townspeople out of bidding in auction to the auctioneer Mick Flanagan. Galwayman Dee is from England where he has been living for several years with his plan for the field. The play reaches its climax McCabes comes face to face Dee. The encounter ends in struggle and finally death. This essay will look into the succinct analysis of the play with regard to the Irish view of land ownership and home. To begin with, the first scene talks of the man carrying out the cultivations on a vast land, which he claims to be his. This gives the illustration on the Irish land ownership rights. The action shows that laws regarding land ownership in Ireland are not legally organized or planned to facilitate peace among societal members (Baker 34). The man simply start working tirelessly on a barren land, which to him, is an empty unutilized land which should be put into appropriate use. This is the reason behind the conflict that arises between the two Irish men. Dee had believed that he the land was his even in his absence. To him, he had the ownership which qualified him as the legal owner of the place, therefore, the idea of another man thinking of the land as a free place and unused property is illegal. The fact that the widows make a step to put the land in auction without considering McCabe’s work is unlawful itself. Allowing a citizen to work on a large rocky land turning it into a fertile land, and auctioning it, is not a fair deal and shows some shortcomings in the Irish land (Deane 67). The law does not consider much the plights of the low class people in the region. The bright lighting in the play serves the role of stressing some ideas in the film. For instance, the director has used bright light to accentuate the suffering and oppression of the low class individuals in the Irish society. He has done the same in all other cases representing the ways in which people of high social class live in comparison to those of low classes. The sound patterns in the play is that of higher tones with speech and low tones of background sound. This is meant to ensure that the listeners and viewers get enough comprehension of the video, in terms of its thematic contents. Historically, Ireland land ownership was characterized by English elite rule. The rule involved the division of the country into large estates, and authority was passed down to the supporters of Scottish Protestants. This is reported to have been a political plot to bring down Ireland and wipe out the issue of Roman Catholicism in Britain. It is indicated too in the historical texts that majority of the notable landowners were absent; and could more often employ agents who were of Ireland origin to take care of the land. The agents could, in turn, become tenants who had no tangible security of tenure and thus they could be chased out in case their rent went to arrears or otherwise. The management of estates was always poor as the tenants lacked motivation and the necessary incentive to develop or improve the land ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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