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Limitless by Neil Burger - Essay Example

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“According to an old joke, a buyer pays for and consumes pellets marketed to him as "smartenin' pills". Later, he comes back complaining that he took the pills, but doesn't feel smarter. "You need more pills, then!” retorts the seller…
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Limitless by Neil Burger
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"Limitless by Neil Burger"

Download file to see previous pages This anecdote connects the movie Limitless in a very crucial manner because the movie is essentially a sci-fi or psychological thriller that has taken over brain power and intelligence, making the audience around the world understand the ill effects of drugs through strong and strange visuals and graphics. Bradley Cooper is the main character in the movie Limitless, directed by Neil Burger, released on the 18th of March, 2011. The film is based on the novel ‘The Dark Fields’ written by author Alan Glynn, which speaks about a rather surreal trip taken by a man desperate to find new ways to living life, without any obstructions. The movie follows the life and times of Eddie, (played by Cooper), a struggling writer living in the dingy areas of New York City, trying to make a name for himself, but to no avail. However, one fine day, he chances upon some NZT pills, a drug he is told, which will increase human access to his brain by a 100% instead of the normal 20% that most human beings that was available to most human beings. Cooper begins to take the pills, feeling a drastic change in his everyday routine, as the pills sharpen his skills and make him feel more energised than ever before. They provide him with the opportunity to feel manic and think extremely fast, making him finish the first ninety pages of his book within an instant. He shows the book to his publisher, and to his surprise, the publisher loves it and accepts it; this makes Eddie think that the pills were effective and that taking them on a daily basis could indeed change his life. The film then follows the course of Eddie’s dosage as he has an encounter by Russian thugs and tries to restore his past by comprehending and fixing his relationship with his ex wife. Several murders and violent scenes take place as Eddie gets mixed with villains that are out to get him and his pills, and the film also goes through a series of medical complications because soon Eddie witnesses that almost every person who had ever taken those pills has either died or is seriously ill and in danger of passing away very soon. He too begins to undergo blackouts and fits and cannot understand what is wrong as he begins to see that everyone around him is dying. Furthermore, the addiction caused by the pills does not help him in trying to overcome what has become his deepest and darkest fear. Nonetheless, he tries to increase his dosage in order to get more and more clarity of thought on everything that has been happening around him and all these scenes have been captured with great skill by the director, as well as the cameras that have helped to portray them so wonderfully on screen. The film undergoes a whirlwind of emotions on part of Eddie who begins to experience a plethora of negative emotions ranging from afraid to angry and repenting. The morals within the movie are decidedly unconventional in nature because even though Eddie has become addicted to the drugs, he tries to free himself from their clutches, despite having constant revelations of the drugs doing him good instead of harm. The entire concept of the movie as well does not confuse the audience when it comes to intelligence vs. mental capacity. What the movie does ask the audience to understand is that even though the pills might have helped Eddie in tapping his potential as an author, how do they help his passion for living life after the book has already been turned in and made him famous? The film provides for some heavy scenes which may remind ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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