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Their competition has raised a debate between their fans about which burger giant is better. This writing will differentiate between the burger supplying…
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Burger King vs Mcdonalds
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Burger King Versus McDonalds Introduction Burger King and McDonalds are two burger supplying giants that have been competing against each other for several years. Their competition has raised a debate between their fans about which burger giant is better. This writing will differentiate between the burger supplying giants on the basis of their business decisions, innovation and quality.
On the basis of burger quality it has been established that Burger King is superior to McDonalds. This is because the burgers offered at Burger King are quite juicy and they are flame boiled. On the contrary, McDonald’s burgers lack flavor as they are cooked in their own fat.
On the basis of making risky business decisions McDonalds stands the winner in the competition. This is because recently McDonalds introduced the concept of McCafe (, 2014). This concept was quite different from their previous business model of only offering burgers. On the other hand, Burger King continues to operate the way they used to.
On the basis of creativity, again McDonalds can be categorized as the winner. This is because they come up with new and improved ideas such as the idea of McGriddle which ended up being quite successful. While burger King lacks innovation and copies the creations of McDonalds.
The differentiation between the two burger giants exhibit that both the burger giants have something different to offer. Burger King offers better quality burgers which is the main aim of both the burger giants, but McDonalds offers something new and takes the real risk by coming out with innovative ideas.
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