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What is Art The Art of Jackson Pollock - Essay Example

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What is Art?
Art can be described differently by different people but when I look at art I think it can be many things. Graffiti on the side of a building can be an effective art piece as well as something in an art museum. …
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What is Art The Art of Jackson Pollock
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Download file to see previous pages This statement can be limited to just the expression of an emotion about something of interest to the author, or it can be the expression of a specific social topic that someone feels is important. A good example of art is the cave paintings that primitive man made (Getlein 5). The reason this is art to me is because someone is capturing the event of hunting as they saw it. They are recording something about their everyday life and it is on the cave for anyone to see. These paintings have been seen by many different people over many years. In one sense, this art has lasted through time. Stonehenge (Getlein 6) is also a fascinating aspect of art because it is similar to architecture . It is much like the Pyramids because people are wondering how these were built and why. Stonehenge makes people think and wonder about who put these stones together and why. This is another essential part of art in my opinion: It must make people think and wonder why the artist created this piece. I think that art must make people feel something, even if it is something small. In the example of the cave paintings, I wonder why these hunters thought it was important to make the drawings. Were they bragging about the hunt that day? Were they counting their hunts? Only they would know. Stonehenge makes me wonder about why these stones were dragged to this particular spot and arranged in the way they are arranged. It is interesting to me that the book said that this was a graveyard and that it marked about 240 graves (Getlein 6); this is much like our cemeteries today. Many people go to our graveyards and do etchings of the older gravestones because they consider it art. When I pick art myself, I look for symmetry and the way it feels to me. Some pieces of art speak to me differently than others. As an example, I may pick a piece of art for my wall that has vibrant colors that are symmetrically placed in a abstract form. I also have picked pieces because they look interesting or because the scene describes something that is interesting to me. I cannot say that I like the kind of art that the Masters created. I am not sure why, but I think it is because it is usually of some scene, people or subjects that I find uninteresting. I can say that I like some of Picasso’s work because it was very strange and it does make a person wonder why he did what he did. Was the fractured way that he looked at this the way that he saw the world? I do believe that anything can be art. The unfortunate issue is that there are art critics who decide what art is and what art is not. I think that everyone becomes an art critic when they look at a piece of art and they do not need others to define what art is for them. In other words, there are so many different ways that art can be interpreted, that it seems a shame that art critics are allowed to define art. I enjoy looking at art and I hope that this class will bring me more knowledge about what I am looking at on a deeper level than I have seen in the past. Essay 2: Discuss Two-Dimensional Media. Give example of artist, media and a piece that appeals to you. The book describes two-dimensional art as something very simple and easy to read. The media can be anything from drawing with pencil and ink on paper to creating images on clay or the cave wall. The book mentions many media that include graphite, metalpoint, charcoal, pastels and more. I have seen many artists pencil drawing (graphite) which creates an interesting effect when the artist uses shading and contrast in their drawing. I think metalpoint provides a beautiful array of interesting and eye-catching symmetrical shapes. I can understand why most people do not use this method ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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