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Design a Marketing Plan for a Tourist Attraction - Essay Example

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This paper “Design a Marketing Plan for a Tourist Attraction” highlights the well-known tourist destination British Museum.It is a very old museum and it is located in London. The museum is famous for its wide range of collections. The marketing plan focuses that the museums have various departments…
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Design a Marketing Plan for a Tourist Attraction
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Download file to see previous pages Many departments are there in the museum which showcases the collections from different nations. This museum is a public body. The expenses of the museum are sponsored by Department of Media, Culture, and Sports of UK. A huge number of visitors daily comes in British Museum. The accesses of this museum are from Goodge Street stations and Russell Square. British Museum is considered as one of the popular places in attracting tourists. The main purpose of this Museum is to provide knowledge to the visitors about different collections. This knowledge will help the visitors to understand many things about history and present environment. All the collections are well presented in the museum which attracts a large number of tourist from different places of the world. The British Museum also holds many educational programs and exhibitions. Learning facilities are provided by the museum to common people regarding different time, culture, and places. The museum is continuously improving its management qualities for providing a better experience to the visitors. It is enhancing many facilities for encouraging curatorial endeavor. The museum has a wide range of target visitors. Students, tourists, professional people come to visit the museum. The main target market of this museum is mainly London. But people from all over the world come to the museum. To encourage the visitor's museum do not charge entry fees from the people. British Museum conducts different workshops for which it charges entry fees from the people. The ticket price of different workshops varies. The British Museum is perceived as a center of learning by many people. The visitors think that the museum has showcased all of its collecting in a very interesting and unique way. The museum has utilized its area effectively by blending history, technology, and modern culture.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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