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Event at Herrington country park ( Sunderland , uk ) - Essay Example

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In Sunderland, Herrington Country Park being one of the largest parks in Sunderland holds many events. The park offers several picnic sites, nature walks as well as cycle trails. Other activities that are…
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Event at Herrington country park ( Sunderland , uk )
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Extract of sample "Event at Herrington country park ( Sunderland , uk )"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the park provides a good space for children entertainment as well as an ample space for open air concerts for most parts of the North East of Sunderland (Hoyle, 2002). Based on the possibility of the Herrington Country Park to host a myriad of events, this paper is going to propose and explore the possibilities of the park to host other new events. On this basis, the paper is going to present wedding events as a new type of events that should be hosted by Herrington Country Park.
Weddings are the most cherished events by many people around the world. Wedding events always need to be conducted in pristine as well as serene environments (Jones, 2008). They always need to be conducted in places that have aesthetic values as well as beautiful environmental backgrounds. Wedding events always need places with cool atmospheres, spaciousness and lots of natural freshness. In this regard, it is always critical to conduct wedding events in such places where recreation activities are available. Herrington Country Park offers the best environment that meets all the above descriptions for a wedding event. However, it is critical to note that there are several issues that may present big challenges towards staging the wedding events in such an environment (Hoyle, 2002). One of the difficulties in staging such events is inadequacy of finances. This may limit a number of operations in the planning and management of the event. In addition, site zoning problems may also affect the successful staging of the wedding events in the park. This may be a problem if an experienced and well trained personnel in event management was neither consulted nor hired. This may present staging challenges.
However, it is critical to note that Herrington Country Park is an ideal place to hold wedding events. For the success of the park to hold wedding evens, there are several ways that people can be informed. The wedding events in the Herrington ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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