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Select a historic building in the UK that you consider to be at-risk and suitable for rescue by a Building Preservation Tr - Assignment Example

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Select a Historic Building in the UK That You Consider To Be “At-Risk” And Suitable For Rescue by a Building Preservation Trust Table of Contents 1.0. Introduction to Conservation Statement 3 2.0. Understanding the Building and Setting 4 2.1. Historical Overview 4 2.2…
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Select a historic building in the UK that you consider to be at-risk and suitable for rescue by a Building Preservation Tr
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Download file to see previous pages Next Steps after Writing a Conservation Statement 17 7.1. Actions to be taken 17 7.2. Reports to be undertaken 17 7.3. Timetable 18 18 8.0. Adoption and Review 18 19 19 9.0. References 20 10.0. Bibliography 22 11.0. Appendix 23 1.0. Introduction to Conservation Statement Elvaston Castle is a historic monument located in Derbyshire, England. It is situated 4 miles to the south-west of Derby. The castle covers an area of 200 acres, which also comprise of its parkland and formal gardens. It is one of the most popular 16th century castles in England. Among the major characteristics of the building, the castle has many gardens, which was designed and nurtured during the 20th century. Adding to that, there are acres of land covering woodlands, parklands, a lake and some picnic areas. The castle is listed as Grade II among the buildings in the UK owing to its importance as a centrepiece of the estate. The entire estate is currently noted to be under the supervision of the Derbyshire County Council, since World War II, following which, the building was completely damaged. However, owing to certain funding issues for its repair, the estate has been up for sale to private companies since the year 2000 (Derbyshire County Council, 2013). The Elvaston castle was re-built in the 18th century by the Sir Thomas Hanselin, with the intention to make it as residence. ...
Correspondingly, partnership can be maintained with the local authority and the country council, which was previously responsible for the maintenance of the building (Elvaston Castle, n.d.). The main intention of writing the conservation statement is to develop clear findings regarding the present issues associated with Elvaston castle, so that these aspects can prove beneficial in enhancing the efficiency of the conservation management plan. 2.0. Understanding the Building and Setting 2.1. Historical Overview The ownership of the building has seen changed in several occasions, right from the 16th century. Sir Thomas Hanselin was the founder and the real owner of the estate. However, as per records, the ownership of the mansion was first passed to the Earl of Harrington, following which the building was redesigned to be used as a residence. Over the period of time, it has been utilized for various purposes, which primarily included it being used as a teaching centre during the post World War II period; as a residence and as tourist attraction in the modern era. Accordingly, there have been significant changes in the design, content, ownership and use of the mansion in the passage of time. The building had been redesigned in several occasions with final adjustments being done by the famous architect Lewis Nockalls Cottingham. The content of the estate was later enriched with the addition of the gardens and the country park in course of time. As mentioned in the above section, the ownership of the estate passed from 4th Earl to the Needlers Development Company and currently, to the Derbyshire County Council. It was used by the Earl’s family for many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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