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Economy of Finland - Coursework Example

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Occupying the Eastern part of the Swedish Kingdom until 1809, Finland was captured by the Soviet during the Napoleonic Wars in the same year. Following this seizure, Finland was used as a buffer state in the Soviet Empire. In the year 1812, Russian Tsar Alexander I combined the entire region of Old Finland into the Grand Duchy of Finland…
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Economy of Finland
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Download file to see previous pages This led to movements for independence and self assertion on the part of Finland as early as the First World War. In this regard, the relationship between the Soviet and Finland remained inconsistent, until Finland declared itself independent in 1912, following an upheaval by the Bolsheviks. This was a period when the Finnish German ties were looking up. Following Soviet aggression as well as expeditions in Finland in order to capture it, the Soviet began diplomatic negotiations with Finland in April, 1938. This was done basically to avert the possibility of a Finnish attack on Leningrad with the help of British or German backing. It was in this period that Soviet German ties were forged with the help of a non aggression pact in 1939.
A similar non aggression pact had been signed between Finland and the Soviet in 1934, which was to be re affirmed after a decade. Yet, the hostilities began soon after with Ariel attacks, military expeditions as well as naval attacks between the two countries.
While the fall of Soviet Communism was hailed by many as the beginning of good times, there are parallel theories that point towards the failure of democracy to take off completely. What must be considered here, is the emergence of the following in Finland after the fall of Communism:
While not A Westward looking trend
Conception of and Alliance with the European Union and NATO
Parliamentary Democracy with the help of a constitution
Stable market forces
Privatisation of Banks
Green Politics
Emergence of global industrial players to make use of Social and Industrial Capital.
This paper will discuss all these points in order to understand how Finland has grown and can continue to grow at an even higher growth rate in all areas - social, political and economic.
Chapter 3
Change in Finnish Strategy
While not so different from traditional villages in its desire to engage in a free exchange of ideas, the global village is one that thrives on the communication and transportation infrastructure that seems to be binding the world into one 'large, happy family'.
This has been the foremost policy of Finland after Communism. What had started out as a speculation on the part of Marshall McLuhan in the 1960s, regarding the fact that the world was being transformed into a "global village" in the face of TV and new telecommunication technologies, has become a debate of much greater dimensions. His prediction has gone past mere "telecommunication technologies", to an arena where a new wave of digital technologies personified by the Internet and its offshoots, are proving to be as much a force for diversity as they are for similitude. While the spread of TV, radio and the telephone helped transform the third world countries to a great extent; a trend furthered by the advent of cell phones - the impact of the Internet has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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