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For one destination of your choice, justify and design a new heritage trail - Essay Example

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Heritage sites enrich a destination and make it more attractive for tourists. Tourism industry is a major source of income in many regions. There are widespread efforts…
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For one destination of your choice, justify and design a new heritage trail
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Extract of sample "For one destination of your choice, justify and design a new heritage trail"

Download file to see previous pages This island encompasses a strong cultural heritage and even there is existence of island identity. Heritage tourism faces a major challenge in the form of preserving resources efficiently which is utilized during building such heritage sites. Sustainable development can be considered as a central component when it comes to developing attractive tourist location.
Gozo has its existence from 5000 BC. Farmers founded this island when they were travelling from Sicily. Gozo became one of the most important places in terms of cultural revolution. Ġgantija temples were developed during Neolithic period. These temples are presently regarded as the oldest free-standing sculptures. Gozo Island spans over 67 square kilometres. This location is famed for its wide array of interesting locations and characteristics. Apart from Ġgantija temples there is another famous man-made structure at Gozo known as Calypso Cave (Veal, 2002). There are two famous beaches at Gozo which plays a significant role to attract large base of customers. They are Ramla Bay and San Blas. This island’s population is closely knitted to their traditional culture. It comprises of various heritage sites such as archaeological sites, chapels, museums, fortifications, churches, etc. These sites are responsible for adding cultural, natural and historical value to Gozo Island. Some of the heritage sites at Gozo are shown in Appendix1. ecoGozo vision is a new agenda which has been framed by the government in order to safeguard heritage and culture of this destination. Efforts are been made to conserve these heritage sites and enhance their accessibility to public. Two heritage trails have been developed at Gozo in recent years. One such trail was built at cliff sides of Munxar and Xlendi, whereas another was formed at Santa Lucija’s countryside (Island of Gozo, 2014). Both these heritage trails expand over 7.5 km. They go along countryside ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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