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Unfair democracy - Essay Example

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The US stands out, as one of the most democratic nations in the universe, which encompasses human rights, diversity, equality, and good governance. The world commonly refers to the United States as the land of the free…
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Unfair democracy
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Download file to see previous pages The US stands out, as one of the most democratic nations in the universe, which encompasses human rights, diversity, equality, and good governance. The world commonly refers to the United States as the land of the free. This is subject to its democratic practices, respect for human rights, and equality. However, there have been many recorded and unrecorded controversies relating to US racial inequality and unfairness in many aspects. Disappointedly, stereotypes, religious restrictions or teachings and other things, men and women, no matter if they are the same race, will always find problems when it comes to equality.Actually, there has been trusted statistics that detail aspects of discrimination, unfairness, and inequality on basis of race, ethnic group, and gender. The term race or racial group refers to the categorization of humans into populations, perhaps, ancestral groups because of various sets of heritable characteristics. Racial and ethnic identities are socially controversial and manifest in very conscious ways. Two conflicting social and cultural influences link this manifestation. On the other hand, an ethnic identification is a group whose members identify with each other, through a common cultural characteristic involving religion and language. This shared heritage base on ancestry, history, nationality, physical appearance, and even shared territory. The discrimination mostly happens on the less privilege and minorities. Minority often means less than half of the population though it does not necessary associate to numerical strength. Indeed, some minority groups in the US have a large population than the dominant group. For example, the black Americans refer to the majority in America, though they are economically, and politically inferior to the whites. Some of the minority groups in the US include the Hispanic Americans and Latinos. Against the common, believe that there is absolute fairness in America, there is unfairness including in the education system and in the run for political leadership. In addition, despite the common knowledge that discrimination manifests in many organizations in the US nobody qualifies its existence in the US education system. Indeed, it is arguably true that there is rampant discrimination in the education sector based on race and ethnicity and more specifically to the Hispanic community. In fact, in many cases Hispanic American citizens receive fewer privileges compared to their White counterparts. It is common knowledge that this is the first term in American history that a black president rules America. This is despite the fact that other black presidential aspirants vied and did not succeed in becoming the US president. On the other hand, this does not qualify as discrimination since the Hispanic is fewer in number to gain the majority vote leading to political leadership. Had it been a case of lacking a female president in US, then the argument would do because there are enough women in US to vote in a female despite the common notion that US embraces democracy and equality. On the same breath, with the high esteem that US hold in the word domain, one would always assume that US always conducts the fairest presidential elections in the world. Actually, the US is always an observer in other countries elections. However, this fairness is not present in US elections. Take for example the recent presidential elections where unfairness and cases of fraud dominated the aftermath of the elections. For example, in the case of Al Gore and George W Bush questions of fairness manifest. In the popularity vote, Gore got 50,996,064 votes on November 7 while George W got 50,456,167. Nevertheless, despite Gore having a majority of 539,897 votes Bush won the elections. How fair was it to win the popular vote with a margin exactly the size of Austin, Texas (Kettle Web) and fail to win the presidential elections? Additionally, in 2004, the private companies counting more than 80% of the votes refused to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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