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Terrorism started becoming salient in the 21st Century after simultaneous attacks beginning with the United States of America recording up to 3000 fatal deaths in September 11, 2001. The ideology of terrorism is motivated by various factors, and different analysts perceive it as…
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Critically analyze the impact that terrorism has had on tourism
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Analyzing the Impacts of Terrorism on Tourism affiliation: Introduction Terrorism started becoming salient in the 21st Century after simultaneous attacks beginning with the United States of America recording up to 3000 fatal deaths in September 11, 2001. The ideology of terrorism is motivated by various factors, and different analysts perceive it as a criminal act while others think of it as a struggle for freedom or liberation (Henderson, 2007, pp.12). In analyzing the impacts of terrorism on tourism, it will be necessary to understand the significance of tourism and the relationship between tourism and terrorism, and measures to reduce implications of terrorism on tourism.
Significance of Tourism
Tourism generally wields tremendous economic benefits and in some countries, it remains an economic backbone. When tourism is conducted well it has social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental developments that boost a country and its society. Tourism offers a significant number of jobs especially in the hotel and transport industries that provide direct services to the tourists (Korstanje & Clayton, 2012, pp.8-25).
Relationship between tourism and terrorism
Tourism involves enjoyment and relaxation while terrorism intends to cause death and fear (Liu, 2010, pp.8-25). Terrorism attacks in a country lead to vulnerability of tourism through the exposure of traumatizing images to the clients making uncomfortable. They cannot enjoy with fear. The ideology is perpetuated against unknowing civilians and unarmed members of the disciplinary forces, in an attempt to seek an audience from a government or an authority. The fact that terrorism targets innocent civilians, it means that there is indiscriminate killing of people including tourists. The primary objective of terrorism is creating fear through coercion and killings, leading to decline of tourism (Morgan, 2009, pp.7).
According to Abraham Maslow, it is impossible to satisfy the human nature when their basic need of security is threatened. The fear of being attacked vehemently reduces the number of tourists in a particular destination leaving a country economically stunted and devastated.
Terrorism being a global threat, has necessitated coming up with formidable strategies such as, the formation of “tourism against terrorism action group” that facilitates better communication between stakeholders, introducing destination tourist intelligence officers and the Sensitization of tourists on terrorism before going for a trip. The pointed measures can alleviate the impacts that terrorism has on tourism (Stickel, 2011, pp.623-628).
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