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Common social-political barriers corporate aviation operators confront when attempting to enter foreign markets - Research Paper Example

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Corporate aviation uses private or business aircraft such as a Cessna Citation X to transport business executives. It is normally a…
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Common social-political barriers corporate aviation operators confront when attempting to enter foreign markets
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Extract of sample "Common social-political barriers corporate aviation operators confront when attempting to enter foreign markets"

Download file to see previous pages The corporate aviation industry can help in the economic development of an entire region or a particular industry such as tourism. But it is also dependent on the latent demand for goods and services. Thus lack of air transport can stymie the economic growth and lead to excesses or inappropriateness in supply. The corporate aviation industry can thus shape the speed and form of globalization and the related processes. With increasing globalization, the air aviation industry is trying to invest in foreign countries to expand their bases. But such a strategy has many ramifications such as migration of labor. Thus corporate aviation needs to carefully strategize its choices so that they can achieve operational efficiency.
The research problem given is analysis of common social-political barriers which corporate aviation operators face when they attempt to enter foreign markets. With increasing globalization, the national economies have integrated with each other. This has led to flow of trade, capital flows, foreign direct investment, and spread of technology and capital flows. The business aviation industry is an important part of the aviation industry since it caters to the premium segment of the aviation industry. Everything which corporate aviation does basically depends on time and is driven on flexibility.
The globalization of trade, supply-chaining, political forces and outsourcing have changed the world for better and worse. In the process of investment in foreign countries a corporate aviation company needs to analyze carefully the political and social factors. This research paper focuses on the social-political barriers which they will face.
The corporate aviation industry is a highly protected and regulated one, and it is done with the intention of utilizing it as a lever for attaining larger economic and political objectives. Initially there was no such demand for such an industry, but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Common Social-Political Barriers Corporate Aviation Operators Confront Research Paper.
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