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The Influence of Cultural Tourism and Urban Tourism in the tourism industry in Newcastle, UK - Sequel - Essay Example

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The increasing rate of growth is championed by increased cultural as well as urban tourism activities (Andrew, 2009). Newcastle is one of the cities in the Northeastern England experiencing huge influx of…
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The Influence of Cultural Tourism and Urban Tourism in the tourism industry in Newcastle, UK - Sequel
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Extract of sample "The Influence of Cultural Tourism and Urban Tourism in the tourism industry in Newcastle, UK - Sequel"

Download file to see previous pages It is of crucial significance to note that Newcastle City is rich in culture and traditions. This follows the diversity in populations as well as the diversity in human behavior, beliefs as well as traditions. In this regard, it is important to highlight that Newcastle City is rich in both cultural tourism as well as urban tourism (Deborah and Amie, 2013).
Urban tourism in Newcastle is world class. It is of crucial significance to note that Newcastle city draws many tourists due to the diversity of cultures as well as tourist attraction sites located within (Melaine, 2007). In Newcastle, Urban tourism is promoted by such tourist attraction sites including Tyne Bridges, Quayside, Castle Keep and Chares. In addition, Grey’s Monument and Jesmond Dene promote urban tourism in Newcastle (Melaine, 2007). The other key contributor to urban tourism in Newcastle is the issue of Cultural Tourism.
Cultural tourism in Newcastle has significantly contributed to increased tourism activities in the City. Cultural tourism has massively contributed towards enhancing urban tourism in the city of Newcastle in various ways (Deborah and Amie, 2013). Cultural tourism has led to increased influx of populations from different corners of the world to pay visits to Newcastle in order to share some of the unique experiences in Newcastle City (Melaine, 2009). This has contributed greatly towards improving the city’s economy due to increased tourism activities. Some of the cultural activities in Newcastle responsible for commanding the increased cultural tourism include the luxurious nightlife in Newcastle. This has led to increasing influx of tourists who visit the city to feel the unique nightlife experiences thus raising the economy (Deborah and Amie, 2013).
The beauty of the nightlife in Newcastle is vested in the diversity of nightclubs, pubs, bars and restaurants. These have specialized in offering world-class services to tourists thus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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