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Regeneration strategies and Cultural Identities in the UK - Essay Example

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Regeneration Strategies and Cultural Identities in the UK. The lives of human beings have changed for several years now. The main change has been necessitated by the transition witnessed in the use of machines as a substitute for manual labour…
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Regeneration strategies and Cultural Identities in the UK
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Download file to see previous pages The culture of human beings has also been forced to change considering that there is a new kind of order that has been created in the cities across Europe. Industrialization helped in boosting the modern cities across the United Kingdom which led to several people seeking employment in the industries. However, with the discovery of cheap raw materials for the industries, the production of goods shift to other areas outside the western world leaving the communities in the cities in a desperate situation, trying to find ways of survival (Mcgregor, 2003, p56). Regeneration strategies such as the improvement of infrastructure, culture based regeneration, the application of arts and creativity have helped in the improvement of communities that no longer participate in the production of goods and services (Carley, 2000, p67). Regeneration Strategies Policy makers in the post-industrial society had to come up with measures to help the society meet its daily needs and compensate for the jobs lost. Their main aim was to create cities that would attract more investors and visitors. There cities had to shift from production to consumption. This type of regeneration relates to the positive transformation of cities that had shown signs of social, physical, and economic life (Eisinger, 2000, p27). Culture led regeneration has been used across Europe and in the United States to help ex-industrial communities live a meaningful life. The central government in the United Kingdom had to come up with Regional Development Agencies (RDA), whose main aim was to ensure that every citizen benefits from the country’s economic prosperity and opportunities available in the UK. The government has been able to oversee the spread of economic prosperity to other regions through decentralization of power by ensuring that local authorities have more autonomy (Evans and Shaw, 2004, p52). The main purpose of cultural regeneration is to the help the economically disadvantaged regions through arts-based events. In addition, there are efforts in coming up with high quality housing in order to attract more investors and people to the cities (Florida, 2002, p36). There are connections between culture and urban regeneration. The main types of regeneration used include using arts projects in order to achieve regeneration, and integrating culture in cities where cultural activities have become part of daily living (Gouldson and Roberts, 2000, p47). The Application of Different Regeneration Strategies to Various Cities in Europe Liverpool The city of Liverpool has been able to use various regeneration strategies. Some of the strategies used include: design led reconfiguration of the city, integration of creativity into the community, using arts, and arts-led civic development. These strategies have helped make Liverpool look unique. In addition, the strategies have been able to improve the city’s economic competitiveness. This has been achieved through the improvement of the quality of life of the residents as shown in the indexes of international rankings. The strategies have also been able to help the city residents build self confidence and pride among the community while boosting chances of investors coming into the city (Green and Pollard, 2007, p78). The main aim of the strategies used in Liverpool is to transform the city’s infrastructure, develop cultural activities for the population, make the city a cultural destination, increase investments, and to create jobs by encouraging the growth of creative industries (Jenkins, 2005, p46). The city’s architecture, history, landscape and topography, traditions, services, leisure and youth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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