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Case Study Topic about risk management of events or meeting - Essay Example

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This is because activities constituting such conventions or events not only bring individuals together, but also offer communities the chance to uphold their culture. The proposed case study, seeks to…
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Case Study Topic about risk management of events or meeting
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Extract of sample "Case Study Topic about risk management of events or meeting"

Case of Stage Collapse and Convention Safety Implications Major events and other conventions form a crucial part of the tourism sector. This is because activities constituting such conventions or events not only bring individuals together, but also offer communities the chance to uphold their culture. The proposed case study, seeks to provide insight into how different stakeholders can work together to avert crises in convention or event planning. The study topic is deemed feasible given the crucial need for event organizers to guarantee safety for attendees, while averting risks likely to cause them harm.
The specific study chosen focuses on the collapse of a stage on 13th August 2011 at the Indiana State Fair, as attendees waited for Sugarland, a prominent band, to perform. The tragic incident, caused by strong winds preceding a storm, led to four deaths and critical injury of about twenty four individuals. Following the accident, the event was cancelled, and subsequent entertainment fairs involving the performing band suffered the same fate. This shows that the accident set off a series of negative events. For instance, in addition to the deaths, injuries, and events cancellation, the affected attendees also filed expensive law suits against Indiana State Fair (CNN Wire Staff, 2011). Some of the factors that will be examined in the case analysis will include:
Principal risk management lessons drawn from the study.
How consistency in event scrutiny and review of meeting activities can pave way for problem detection and prevention or mitigation measures, especially since the incident under scrutiny could have been avoided through early evacuation.
The manner through which event stakeholders can uphold compliance with planning conditions, development strategies, and other potent measures for safety during events.
Ways of minimizing risks within event venues.
How event planners can involve every stakeholder including government, local communities, and event attendees, in order to guarantee universal participation in upholding safety.
Ways of establishing dialogue networks, as a way of effectively facilitating information exchange between event stakeholders and guaranteeing the best safety practices.
CNN Wire Staff. (August 14, 2011). Stage collapse at Indiana State Fair kills at least 4. CNN International. Retrieved from
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Rutherford, J. (2007). Risk Management for Meetings and Events (Events Management). Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge. Read More
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