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GMOs Require Restrictions And Better Labelling Or Identification - Case Study Example

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This paper "GMOs Require Restrictions And Better Labelling Or Identification" discusses genetically modified products that have shocking effects on humans, the environment, and the agricultural sector. Despite the potential benefits, it is wise to take into consideration the deadly consequences…
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GMOs Require Restrictions And Better Labelling Or Identification
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Extract of sample "GMOs Require Restrictions And Better Labelling Or Identification"

Download file to see previous pages Further, the current experiences in the US and the world over do not seem to involve the answers to the lasting questions about the GMOs. Moreover, it is quite challenging for regulatory agencies to approach the field covering synthetic biology. Miller & Andrew note that the supporters suggest that synthetic biology involves the designing and constructing of new devices, components, and systems to ensure standardization of the biological parts for mixing and assembling. Nevertheless, the opponents of the GMOs emphasize that more harmful consequences result from the use of genetic engineering techniques. Fundamentally, there are increased health risks such as food allergies, increasing toxicity, and intensified antibiotic resistance. Additionally, there are more agricultural problems like decreased biodiversity and more environmental harms. Therefore, the GMOs require restrictions and labelling as they may have harmful challenges to health, agriculture, and the environment.

Considerable evidence points out that allergic reactions occur after harmless proteins enter the body causing immune responses. When new proteins from the GMOs enter the human bodies, they are likely to cause increased immune responses. Despite having many challenges, the GMOs tend to initiate severe allergic reactions. For instance, the new pesticides have residual effects in the alimentary canal where they alter the gut bacteria and cause allergic and peripheral immune responses. Since there is no labelling of the foods in the markets, the people with allergies find it difficult to differentiate naturally bred and genetically modified products. The situation leads them to purchase foods that later on cause reactions in their bodies, which are irritating and harmful to their health. In this regard, various governments need to provide regulatory policies and laws that initiate the identification and labelling of GM products to lessen human suffering (Amofah 118). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(GMOs Require Restrictions And Better Labelling Or Identification Case Study)
GMOs Require Restrictions And Better Labelling Or Identification Case Study.
“GMOs Require Restrictions And Better Labelling Or Identification Case Study”.
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