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Open letter - Assignment Example

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The issue of GMO’s safety and use remains burning, with scientists, social activist and consumers being on both sides of the barricades.
The article I…
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Open letter
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Extract of sample "Open letter"

GMO The issue I am particularly interested in is GMO, as this issue poses much importance to the nowadays’ global community. The issue of GMO’s safety and use remains burning, with scientists, social activist and consumers being on both sides of the barricades.
The article I have found in the conservative Forbes journal is written by Jon Entine who vigorously advocates GMO use in feeding of cattle. According to the article, there’re have been many scientific researches providing evidences against genetically modified crops’ harmfulness. There have been over 2 thousand studies that contain data proving that GMO poses no special or unusual threat to animal or human organisms (Entine). The article is opposed to the opinion expressed in an AlterNet article: GMO might cause horrible diseases to the cattle, including defects in the newly born like limb deformities (Paul).
However, use of genetically engineered food has already became a usual thing for our society with most American crops being modified (Kantor). At the same time, the researchers conducted in a great sample of cattle allowed the scientists to conclude that use of GMO in cattle feeding causes no unnatural or disturbing effects both in cattle and on people who consume meat of a GMO-fed animal. Though the topic is debatable and there is no decisive position in the world, Entine appeals to the authority of researchers and simple logical arguments: if the unnatural harmful effect caused by GMO use in feeding of livestock was so widespread and disturbing, farmers and scientists would have already noticed that (Entine). Moreover, sick animals are not used for producing meat, and if there were a lot of those, there would have been problems with meat supplies already.
Generally, GMO is often considered to be the salvation of the future that is able to save humanity from famine. At the same time, GMO is economically beneficial as it acts as a catalyst for the production process and makes crops resistant to diseases.
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Open Letter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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