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Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety - Essay Example

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This essay called "Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety" describes the primary issues related to the long-term health and ecological impacts of GMOs. The author outlines the significant negative health effects, the change in the genetic structure of organisms, the refusal of GMOs' use and its consequences. …
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Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety
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Extract of sample "Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety"

Download file to see previous pages The Internet has come to provide us with a wealth of scientific, layman, and very rigorously vetted information regarding GMOs and the arguments of both sides of the debate. The bottom line is that GMO safety to human health and ecology is not something that has been conclusively proven. Judging from the worldwide furor, moreover, it seems that there are significant negative health effects that can be likened to a ticking time bomb associated with GMO use. Will we wait for the mass onset of diseases like cancer and other serious ailments that ultimately will be traced to GMOs, before we act? What will happen to your brands and to your company when the bomb explodes? I am writing to strongly urge you to reconsider your current practices surrounding the use of GMOs in your food products and consider taking GMO ingredients out of your whole product portfolio.
I understand that Nabisco is a business and that you are operating within the bounds of the law. Your business provides jobs, and you add value to the community by such, and by the products that you create, market and distribute. Your long-term success means that you must be doing some things right for American society. In the case of GMOs though, "The perception that everything is totally straightforward and safe is utterly naive. I don't think we fully understand the dimensions of what we're getting into (Oxley).” What I mean is that just because people perceive GMOs to be safe does not mean that they are. Many studies and observations by governments worldwide reflect this. In conscience, I cannot allow GMOs to be marketed unfettered to us given the potential large-scale misery and negative health effects that they can inflict. We just don't know what the long-term health effects of genetically modifying organisms are (Milavec 1-2). The change in the genetic structure of organisms is not an approved method of growing organisms since they may become contaminated or even harmful when consumed. It, therefore, means that these products that you are inventing may end up doing harm to their consumers in certain ways. I strongly feel that even a business that exists for profit must take public welfare into consideration.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety Essay, n.d.)
Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety Essay.
(Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety Essay)
Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety Essay.
“Letter about GMOs and The Issue of Their Safety Essay”.
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