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Genetically Modified Organisms - Essay Example

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There has in the past been a row over the regulations of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) or Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEO), where different factors have been quoted by different stakeholders. The most notable of the stake holders have been United States, Canada, and Argentina, which have brought about consultations aimed at straightening the disputes, with the European Community (EU), under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and in respect to the "Moratorium for Regulations and Approval of Biotech Products" (Pipe SW 2008, pg 11)
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Genetically Modified Organisms
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Download file to see previous pages The dispute mainly originates from the European Union's modalities on regulatory programs addressing GMOs, the international legal requirements governing GMOs, differences in legal bases on the parts of the complaining parties, different perceptions of the relevant precedents in World Trade Organization, and considerations of the likely outcomes and the long term implications as a result of embracing or rejecting different regulatory measures. (Linda JB, Milne R 2007, pg 113)
Many countries such as United Kingdom have held the view that stands on the regulation of GMO, where arguments have been that the generation and use of GMOs as intolerable meddling with biological states or processes that have naturally evolved overlong periods of time. Other concerns that stand as stumbling blocks to harmonization of regulations of GMOs have been the limitation of modern science to fully comprehend all of the potential negative ramifications of genetic manipulations. (S.D. Murphy 2008, pg 47)
According to Murphy (2008, pg 47), the row on the harmonization of...
(S.D. Murphy 2008, pg 47)
According to Murphy (2008, pg 47), the row on the harmonization of the regulations that should govern GMOs in the transatlantic region will not be resolved until the question on the safety of GMOs in the food chain has been answered. The dispute is between those who do, and those who do not wish to critically look into the concerns such as the possibilities that GMOs could introduce new allergens into foods, or even contribute to the spread of antibiotic resistance. Those who are against such concerns base their case on the fact that scientists have assured consumers of the safety of these types of crops and organisms, whereas those who are opposed to the same mainly base their arguments on the resistance by environmental activists who claim that they are unnatural and therefore unsafe. This has brought about difficulties in the adoption of laws that require safety testing of any new organism produced for human consumption (Walter J. & Thiele F, 2008, pg 600)
Diplomatic and Ethical Considerations
Due to the unpopular state that the adoption of GMOs is in most transatlantic countries, any attempts to woo countries in accepting any beneficial regulatory measures have hit a snag. For instance, Patrick Mulvany, as a chairman of the UK Food Group is in record accusing some Governments, especially the United States under the Bush administration, of using genetically modified food aid as a way of disposing unwanted agricultural surpluses. The United Nations, which plays a major role in the regulations of the GMOs, blamed food companies and accused them of violating human rights, terming it as a tool by some profit-driven firms that needed to be regulated by their Governments (Stanley S.A & Anthony G. 2008, pg 444)
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