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Can Genetically Modified Organisms Save the World - Essay Example

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This is because the food people eat is a personal choice and everyone has their own opinion in regards to GMO foods and their nutritional value. The introduction of foods genetically modified into food…
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Can Genetically Modified Organisms Save the World
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Extract of sample "Can Genetically Modified Organisms Save the World"

Daniel Ristovic Ms. Ashley Hemm English 1158 26 ‘GMO the Necessary Evil’ The discussion of whether GMO’s are a necessary evil can go on andon. This is because the food people eat is a personal choice and everyone has their own opinion in regards to GMO foods and their nutritional value. The introduction of foods genetically modified into food supplies has had varying degrees of being successful from country to country. The genetically modified foods have slowly made their way to the U.S food supply while on the other hand European nations have experienced an incredible backlash as awareness of their use grew. There have been many mixed reactions due to the GM foods due to the rampant debate surrounding the GMO technology. Today, the process of genetic modification is rapidly advancing throughout the planet. In 2004, 8.25 million farmers in 17 nations (Ahmed, 30) grew the crops. The production and marketing of GM foods are due to the superficial benefits they hold either to the producer or to consumption of these genetic foods. In the beginning, GM seeds developers needed their products to be accepted by producers and focus on innovations that have direct benefit to the farmers and the food industry at large. For example, the International Rice Research Institute located in the Philippines manufactured the GM golden rice to help people in the South East Asia that were lacking food.
GMO foods are unavoidable and we cannot live without them. The WHO, the Food, Drug Administration, and other scientific bodies in the world have strongly advocated for the use of GM foods, since they do not have any harm to the human health. Additionally, research shows that the risks to human health that may be brought about by the consumption of GM foods are the same as those that are brought about by the consumption of non-GM foods. Moreover, the GM foods are safe to use as they tested for food safety and passed the safety assessment. Some people believe that GM foods should be eliminated due to the risks they have like the health issues. It is a fact that people have eaten some of the GM foods unknowingly, but no complains of serious concerns (Ahmed, 18).
By 2040, the world’s population is predicted to increase significantly and this therefore means that there are more resources to use and more people to feed. This growing human population entails to being open to new ideas and the use of new technology to curb food insecurity. Moreover, with this new technology, there are many benefits that the genetic modification has in terms of dealing with malnutrition, food security, and agricultural efficiency. Crops are enriched through genetic modification, though the introduction of vitamins and nutrients. The result is that there is a high prospect of high healthy yields, an adaptability to climate changes, less water and chemical usage and high nutritional value are offered through these genetically modified crops.
Concisely, GM foods are readily available and the people have different attitudes toward food. I believe that GM foods are not harmful and are here to save the world. It is a fact that the world’s population is increasing every day and this means more mouths to feed. It is a good thing that GM foods were introduced since they are saving millions of people from hunger. People should embrace the new technology introduced to save the world.

Can Genetically Modified Organisms save the world?
Genetically modified foods derive from genetic materials that do not occur naturally. All GMO foods withstand the direct application of chemicals like herbicides or insecticides. Today, Genetically Modified Organic foods have their way into people’s lives and homes. The Food and Drug Administration approved the GMO seeds in the year 1982. These foods first hit the grocery stores in 1994 and since then GMO foods have rapidly increased worldwide and have a positive impact in the world.
Research shows that GMO foods survive long periods without water, fruits and vegetables stay ripe longer, they grow in a wide range of conditions, and they are disease resistant. With the increased food prices and millions struggling to get food to eat, the food security problem is becoming the world’s agenda. This is because of the increase in population that is the greatest problem in the world. GMO could be the answer to the problem since it could boost food production and prevent famines. On the other hand, many developed countries consider GMO unsafe. Countries like Japan and Australia have significant restrictions on the production and sale of GMOs (Bodiguel, 9). In addition, research shows that GMO is a great threat and can cause environmental disaster as well as violation of consumers and farmers’ rights. In conclusion, all GM foods should undergo strict inspection before getting into the market. If possible, the relevant authorities should make all GMO foods public so that consumers are aware of what they are purchasing.
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