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Genetically modified organisms are living the organism that are modified and developed in the laboratory by geneticist then later they are deployed for mass production in the real world fields. The geneticist utilizes a technology that implements molecular neology techniques to…
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A Stakeholder Perspective
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Download file to see previous pages Since the technology was invented it has been faced with numerous debates some challenging its legitimacy while other proposing for its implementation due to the benefits that come along it (Young).
Statistics from WTP indicate t there are close to one hundred strains of genetically modified organism that have be developed so far with approximately forty of them being implemented in the farms for large scale production purposes (Weirich). Despite the strong opposition that have marred the implementation of genetically modified organisms in a number of countries across the world these organisms have numerous of advantages to various stakeholders in the agricultural sector (Koch and Bjarte). For instance, the strains that are genetically modified are often resistant to pests and diseases; they depict tolerance to drought and herbicides at the same time they have enhanced nutritional enrichment as compared to the traditional crops. Despite this advantages a number of arguments have been advanced regarding genetically modified organisms ranging from their safety to if elaborate legislation measures have been put in place to regulate their use and distribution (Consumers Food Safety and Environment)
This paper will be arguing on the genetically modified organism debate from a farmer’s perspective based in Ghana. Ghana is a third world country based in Africa and thus it is classified among the group of developing countries that face economic and food security problems over time. Farming in third world countries like Ghana is not sophisticated in terms of farm machinery and thus most of the farming is done for substance purposes (Koch and Bjarte). Commercial farming is done on a small scale by organizations which can afford to implement mechanization in the firms in terms of buying the expensive machines that are required to implement large-scale production of crops as well as the farm inputs that are required ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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