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The dangers of genetically modified organisms - Research Paper Example

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Just like there are two sides to every picture, certain technological advances in science harbor potential threats and issues, beyond the obvious and apparent benefits, that need to be addressed. Biotechnology is one such field which poses debatable concerns. Biotechnology is…
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The dangers of genetically modified organisms
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Extract of sample "The dangers of genetically modified organisms"

Download file to see previous pages The benefits of this technology accompany risks that are associated with it. The dangers of producing genetically modified organisms portray the other side of this picture. The risks of this technology have been analyzed and categorized in this essay in a systematic order. This essay depicts analysis of the dangers of this technology.
First of all there are some fundamental Weaknesses in this Concept. This technology can’t exactly be defined precisely. The process of genetic modification involves gene transfer from one organism to another. A specific gene can be precisely isolated from DNA; however, the insertion of that isolated gene into the target DNA is basically random so this can cause interruption in the functioning of other genes that may be essential to the sustainability of that organism. This imprecision has further implications as well. This procedure can certainly cause mutations which may harm the environment. “Genetic engineering is like performing heart surgery with a shovel. Scientists do not yet understand living systems completely enough to perform DNA surgery without creating mutations which could be harmful to the environment and our health. They are experimenting with very delicate, yet powerful forces of nature, without full knowledge of the repercussions” ("What are the,").
Genetic engineers have genetically modified crops and plants to have specific desired characteristics. The firms that produce such crops have patents for their products. Here is a scenario to ponder upon. Since the seeds of such plants and crops have the same genetic structure and are being produced on a massive scale, the widespread crop failure of these crops is not unquestionable incase these crops are attacked by a virus or a pest that they are not resistant to. Moreover, this is not just limited to bioengineered farms. Plants reproduce by cross-pollination with the help of insects, birds and even wind which act as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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